· December, 2007

Stories about Palestine from December, 2007

Israel: Journalists Face Possible Jail Time for Visits to Enemy States

  28 December 2007

Three Israeli journalists who visited Lebanon and Syria are facing possible jail time for visiting nations that the government terms “enemy states.” Lisa Goldman, Ron Ben-Yishai, and Tsur Shezaf have been investigated and will spend a maximum of four years in jail if found guilty. Here's the reaction from Israel's English speaking blogs.

Palestine: Donkeys for Transportation

  23 December 2007

“Gazans seem to be traveling back in time as major shortages in fuel and car parts restore the donkey to the most prevalent form of transportation…..” is a comment by Bea on Tony‘s blog.

Arabeyes: Celebrating Eid Al Adha

  20 December 2007

Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid Al Adha - which commemorates Ibrahim's (Abraham's) willingness to sacrifice his son Ismael for Allah (God). It also culminates the Hajj, an annual pilgrimage to Mecca, which has this year attracted more than 2 million people. Here's how bloggers from the region marked the occasion.

Egypt: Lesbian Film

  18 December 2007

“(A) new Egyptian film by the director Khaled Yousef has a Lesbian character in it. There is even rumor of a kiss…” writes Amal, from Palestine. “Before anyone gets too excited about the new age of liberalism in Egyptian cinema, the leaks indicate that the lesbian character is an evil...

Palestine: Gaza Calling

  7 December 2007

Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah posts a video clip showing the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza here.

Palestine: Different Hanukkah

  5 December 2007

“This year, the celebration of Hanukkah coincides with a slow-motion genocide the legions of Zionism are carrying out against nearly 1.5 million helpless human beings in the Gaza Strip,” notes Palestinian blogger Khaled Amayreh.

Israel: Land Without a People

  3 December 2007

One of early Zionism’s slogans that took hold of the imagination of the proponents of a Jewish state was “A land without a people for a people without a land,” writes The Elder of Zion, from Israel.

Palestine: One State Solution?

  3 December 2007

Who is afraid of the one-state solution in the Palestinian-Israeli crisis, asks Palestinian blogger Leila Haddad. For her answer, click here.