· October, 2007

Stories about Palestine from October, 2007

Palestine: People Starving

  31 October 2007

“Can i just say i m sick and tired of sitting here studying while knowing that people in Gaza don't have anything to eat?” asks Palestinian blogger Al Falasteenyia.

Palestine: Buying a House in Palestine

  20 October 2007

“So if any of you spanish speaking Russians are thinking of buying a home- go to Israel! In fact, buy my house, will you? Because God knows I can't buy it back from the state of Israel- neither has my family since the day it was taken in 1948,” writes...

Palestine: Eid's New Clothes

  17 October 2007

Deborah of Palestine shows Palestinian children dressed in new clothes to celebrate Eid, which marks the end of the month of Ramadan for Muslims. The photographs show children crossing Israeli checkpoints.

Palestine: Jericho Event Cancelled

  15 October 2007

“The OneVoice Movement regrets that the Jericho Summit that was to be hosted by OneVoice Palestine on October 18th as part of its One Million Voices campaign is postponed due to security considerations,” announced the OneVoice Movement on its website.

Palestine: New Baby on the Way

  12 October 2007

Palestinian blogger and journalist Leila Haddad says she's expecting a new baby. “Yousuf has already taken to his new role as older sibling like a fish to water, and has promised to help me change diapers (a proposition I'm not likely to take him up on, unless perhaps I am...

Israel: OneVoice Movement

  10 October 2007

Israeli blogger Daniel Lubetzky draws our attention to an article worth reading about the OneVoice Movement.

Palestine: Islam and Spirituality

  3 October 2007

Palestinian blog Oranges and Olives discusses Islam, spirituality and civilisation in this post – after coming across songs by British Muslim singer Sami Yousef.

Palestine: Congrats Ms Bahrain

  1 October 2007

Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah highlights aspects from Miss Arab World 2007. Despite being veiled, Ms Bahrain clinched the title.