· September, 2007

Stories about Palestine from September, 2007

Arabeyes: Ramadan Scenes

  26 September 2007

With the month of Ramadan halfway through, bloggers in the Middle East are still tapping away at their keyboards, reflecting on different aspects of the Islamic month of fasting. This week we make stops in Yemen, Palestine, Kuwait and Israel to see what bloggers have to say.

One Million Voices for Peace

  24 September 2007

What is the One Million Voices campaign all about and could peace in the Middle East be a reality? Also, what role is the internet and blogging playing in this mass movement, which over 500,000 Israelis and Palestinians have signed up for so far? Global Voices Online caught up with campaign Communications Coordinator Erin Pineda who discusses with us the ambitious project, which aims to amplify the voices of the 'moderate silent majority' caught up in the conflict.

Palestine: No Fuel or Electricity

  20 September 2007

Leila Al Haddad, from Palestine, writes: “Today Israel officially announced Hamas a “hostile entity” (although that sort of had me confused-is this to say they were of “friendly entity” status before??). And made the decision to cut fuel and electricity, once again. But fear not, country folk. U.S. Secretary of...

Palestine: Following God's Rules

  20 September 2007

“When a man follows governmental rules and regulations; people call him a good citizen. He’s patriotic. When a man follows society’s rules and regulations; people call him civilized. When a man follows God’s rules and regulations; people start asking questions,” writes Jordanian-Palestinian Sugar Cubes.

Saudi Arabia: Sex-segregated Sidewalks

  17 September 2007

Sex-segregated sidewalks could soon become the norm in Saudi Arabia, reports Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah, who links to a news article. “Did prophet Mohammed ordered to have two sidewalks; one for men, another for women? It’s ironic to think of having a ‘women sidewalks’… I mean, how will they mark...

Israel/Palestine: End the Conflict

  11 September 2007

On October 18, OneVoice will engage and mobilize hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis in a “People’s Summit”. Ordinary citizens will speak out in unprecedented numbers against violent extremism and demand that their leaders negotiate and implement a two-state solution, announced the website. Live music, speeches by dignitaries and...

Palestine: Protesting Violence and the Art of Resistance

  9 September 2007

Protest against Hamas is mounting in Gaza, as Palestinian bloggers and their supporters continue to look for their voices online, writes Shaden Abdulrahman in this round up of Palestinian blogs this week. Also read about how voices are silenced, how children are left to fend for themselves living off trash and how an Arab-American family was treated in Israel.

Hamas Bans Outdoor Prayers

  6 September 2007

Palestinian Islamic party Hamas has banned outdoor prayers, writes Egyptian blogger The Big Pharaoh. “Now that’s the definition of irony,” he exclaims.