· August, 2007

Stories about Palestine from August, 2007

Palestine: Gul for Turkey

  30 August 2007

Fayyad from Palestinian blog Kabobfest writes about Abdulla Gul‘s election as Turkey's president. “Ironically, some secular extremists in Turkey, too (have) issue with the fact the Gul’s wife, Hayrunisa, wears a hijab, which is banned from all Turkish public institutions, and (for) some reason terrifies some, especially when Mrs. Gul...

Arabeyes: Just a Pretty Face

  27 August 2007

Miss South Carolina's response in the Miss USA Pageant to a question on why a fifth of US students couldn't locate their country on the map was the butt of jokes on Middle Eastern blogs today. Here's a quick review of what some bloggers had to say about her ramblings.

Sudanese Refugees in Israel

  24 August 2007

The Cutter, who is based in Italy, discusses the situation of Sudanese refugees in Israel – from another perspective – in this post.

Israel: Biased Media

  22 August 2007

From Israel, Aussie Dave writes about he terms as another example of bias in mainstream media in this post.

Syria: On Lebanon and Motorcycles

  19 August 2007

Just as the heat is cooling from an inter-Arab spat involving Jordanians and Iraqis, we move on to the Syrian blogosphere where bloggers are fanning the flames of a Palestinian-Lebanese virtual stand-off. Read Yazan's Badran round up to learn more.

Palestine: Animal-Friendly Hamas

  15 August 2007

Jerusalem-based Charles Levinson links to a Hamas TV children's programme on cruelty against animals. “The clip ultimately arrives at a rather commendable end with a message about being kind to animals, although one might question the means used to deliver the message,” he notes.