· July, 2007

Stories about Palestine from July, 2007

Palestine: Power Games

  31 July 2007

Palestinian blogger Ramzi breaks his silence to give us an overall view of politics in the Middle East here.

Palestine: The Plight of Women

  29 July 2007

Instead of the usual political banter, this week's view into the Palestinian blogosphere will focus on women - join Jillian York for a glimpse into what female bloggers (or those blogging about females) are thinking.

Palestine: Hillary Apology?

  27 July 2007

Palestinian Haitham Sabbah suggests that Hillary Clinton apologises to the UN for the death of a peace-keeper in Lebanon, after approving the sale of cluster bombs to Israel.

“Following the release of the ‘Benghazi Six,’ Bulgarian president Georgi Parvanov has pardoned and released them. He’s also granted citizenship to the Palestinian among them,” reports Elijah Zarwan from Egypt.

Palestine: Today's Ultimate Sin – Complacency?

  21 July 2007

"'It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.' The virtuous amongst us try to identify evil, and not do it. However, how often do we consider the act of NOT DOING as evil?" asks blogger Oranges and Olives. A good question among many from this week's post of prolific Palestinian blogs.

Palestine: On Nahr el Bared

  19 July 2007

Palestinian Haitham Sabbah gives us his thoughts on the war in Nahr el Bared, Lebanon, and asks: “Who is benefiting from this ongoing crisis? You may ask the Lebanese government and the ‘brave’ Palestinian leaders inside and outside Lebanon.”

Palestine: What a Lot of Hair!

  18 July 2007

KABOBfest is perplexed by the amount of hair growing from Fatah gunman Amjad Halawi's head. Halawi recently emerged after seven years on the lam.

Palestine: Peace, War and Swanky Ramallah

  13 July 2007

What makes Ramallah so desirable and life in Gaza so confusing? And really, what are the limits of freedom? This week, we'll try to find the answers to those questions inside the Palestinian blogosphere.

Palestine: Palestinians Celebrate Alan Johnston's Release

  7 July 2007

From the sad news of a death of a 31-year-old mother waiting to cross into Palestine from the Rafah Crossing to celebrations over the release of kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston, Palestinian blogs this week are abuzz with activity. Ayesha Saldanha reports how one Canadian-Palestinian blogger is ashamed to be an Arab and how another expresses her disbelief at how veiled women are being discriminated against in Jordan.

Arabeyes: The Release of Alan Johnston

  4 July 2007

The release of kidnapped British journalist Alan Johnston is making waves on blogs today. Here's a quick review of what is being said on blogs in the Middle East. Vigil in Brussels to mark the fifth week of BBC reporter Alan Johnston's kidnapping in Gaza. Photo by quarsan. Qatar: From...