· May, 2007

Stories about Palestine from May, 2007

Palestine: The 1967 War

  31 May 2007

Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah gives us a history lesson about the 1967 war between the Arabs and Israel here.

Palestine: Honour Killings

  29 May 2007

Palestinian blogger Amal A gives us an insight to the atrocities being committed against women in her country. According to a report she posts: “A forum of Palestinian organizations which fight anti-women violence published on Monday a report about killing Palestinian women under the guise of so-called family honour. The...

Palestine: South African Views on Israel

  29 May 2007

Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah links to an article about “Ronnie Kasrils – South Africa Minister of Intelligence – testimony and experience upon his visit to Israel and Occupied Palestine; published by an internationally recognized Jewish South African in a major South African paper (Mail&Guardian).”

Francophone Morocco: Politics, Power, and Money

  28 May 2007

"If you don’t do politics, politics will do what it wants with you." Or, do politics make any sense in Morocco? Hamza Daoui checks in on this week's blogging to see what the Francophone Moroccan bloggers have to say.

Syria: Presidential Referendum and Lebanon Clashes

  27 May 2007

Today, Syria is reelecting president Bashar Assad for a new seven-year term in office. The process is done through a referendum, which means there will be no other challengers. The referendum paper has a green circle that says "Yes" and a gray one that says "No". The result is expected to be 99.xx% in favour of the president - as is the tradition in Syria for the last 37 years. Yazan Badran sums up the reactions of Syrian bloggers here.

Israel: More Qassams Fired

  25 May 2007

Aussie Dave from Israel reports that more Qassams have been fired into Israel. “While there have been no injuries, one of the Qassams started a fire in a wheat field near Sderot,” he adds.

Palestine: Explosions Close to Home

  25 May 2007

‘We go to sleep now waiting for the next round of Israeli attacks against “Hamas targets”. That is what they are calling them now. Last night, I couldn't sleep again. The drones were waxing and waning in intensity overhead. And then of course the Apaches. And the explosions. But this...

Palestine: Political Groups Silent on Lebanon Fighting

  25 May 2007

Palestinian Pundit Tony publishes an interview conducted by the Electronic Intifada (EI)with blogger and professor Asa'ad Abu Khalil regarding the latest fighting in Lebanon here. “EI: What has been the reaction to these events Lebanon and are any groups or parties condemning the bombardment of Nahr al-Bared camp? ABUKHALIL: As...

Lebanon: Urgent Aid Needed

  25 May 2007

‘They called it a second nakba (catastrophe). “The first one in 1948 was a black and white nakba, it was easy to know who our enemies were. This one is more colorful.” This is how Palestinian refugees from Nahr al Bared camp described their flight to Badawi refugee camp, about...

Israel: Sderot Under Attack

  24 May 2007

From Israel Katherine links to a video of a Sderot factory worker badly hurt in a Qassam rocket attack. “Sderot is a little town a few km's from the border with the Gaza strip. For the past few days its residents have had to put up with a huge number...

Israel: Give Peace a Chance

  24 May 2007

IsraeliMom writes : “What bothers me most, is the implicit support of the Kassam attacks by ordinary Palestinians living in Gaza. I hope I'm wrong there and that they don't support it, but I don't see any outright condemnation either. The Kassams are bad for Palestinians – not for Israelis....

Palestine: Waiting for the Dreadful Conclusion

  24 May 2007

Palestinian blogger Laila Al Haddad updates us on life in Gaza. “I can't sleep. I get up maybe once every two hours. Go to the bathroom, walk around a little, and then doze off again. Only to be awakened by the drones, followed by the manic hovering of helicopter gunships....

Palestine: Support Resisting Iraqis

  24 May 2007

Palestinian blogger The Cylinder encourages his readers to sign the Iraqi Oil Law petition. “Please help Iraqis who dare to resist!” writes the blogger.

Palestine: Don't Take Me for Granted

  24 May 2007

“One thing I can’t stand about people is those that take me for granted. They don’t take me seriously. They just look at me and just judge me on looks. That’s it! Those people are shallow and have no life. I got sick of it. Especially guys. They just don’t...

Arabeyes: Breast-Feeding Dilemma

  24 May 2007

Imagine having to breast feed your colleague at work - five times - to ensure that your relationship remains professional! This is the fatwa (religious edict) that had Arab and Muslim bloggers buzzing with excitement and anger this week. Read the rest of the article to see how some of the region's bloggers reacted to the ruling, which has since been withdrawn.

Lebanon: “Ordinary’ Racism

  23 May 2007

Lebanese blogger Sophia translates a newspaper article which caught her eyes here. ‘The original title is ‘Deep Rooted Racism in Lebanon’. I decided to translate this article after hearing this evening ordinary Lebanese on most world news channels giving to the press racist remarks about Palestinians. There was even a...

Palestine: Impeach Bush

  23 May 2007

According to Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah 88 per cent of the nearly half million people who responded to a new MSNBC poll agreed that US President George W Bush should be impeached and said: “Yes, between the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more, there is plenty to...

Jordan: Arab-Arab Relations

  23 May 2007

“Iraqi versus Iraqi. Palestinian versus Palestinian. Lebanese versus Palestinian militants. To say nothing of… “Arab unity seems to be a pipe dream more and more these days. On the political level it’s been dead and buried for quite some time but perhaps the social level is what I find more...

Arabeyes: What's Happening at the Daily Kos?

  23 May 2007

Pro-Israel and pro-Palestine bloggers have been battling it out at the Daily Kos for quite some time. And then came Al Nakba, or the catastrophe, as the pro-Palestinian camp refers to it - when Pro-Palestine diarist were allegedly banned from cross-posting their diaries on the DKos. New rules of engagement have since been penned and bloggers' attempts to wave the olive branch may open a new chapter of relations between citizen journalists from the two opposing camps.