· February, 2007

Stories about Palestine from February, 2007

Palestine: 13th Anniversary of the Al Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre

  26 February 2007

Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah marks the 13th anniversary of the “first of three massacres perpetrated by Israeli settlers accompanied by the Israeli Army. There were more than 30 martyrs and 270 injured. The main massacre toke place while the victims were performing al- Fajr (Dawn) Prayer at Al Ibrahimi mosque”...

Israel: A Predictable Misunderstanding

  22 February 2007

Israeli Blogger, from Thoughts from Israel, describes the latest escalation between the Arabs and Israelis over Al Aqsa as a “predictable misunderstanding.” “And so, once again, a stupid and inconsiderate action of some office in the Israeli government is perceived by Arabs as warmongering, thereby causing Arab panic and violence,...

Palestine: Children's Blogging Project

  22 February 2007

Bahrain-based Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah was instrumental in making a children's blogging project see light. Read more about the project, which aims to bridge the widening gap between children in the West and East, here.

Palestine: Call for US Representatives

  21 February 2007

The Madison-Rafah Journal posts a petition calling upon Americans to tell their representatives that they “find it outrageous that the US is threatening to boycott the Palestinians on the basis of their truce and that you question whether the US was hoping for a civil war in the territories,” among...

Jordan: Caricature Expo Planned

  21 February 2007

Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff will hold an exhibition in Jordan, thanks to the efforts of Palestinian blogger Izzi, among others. Latuff himself blogs about it here.

Palestine: Jerusalem Blogging Day

  15 February 2007

Moroccan blogger Mohammed Lachyab says tomorrow (Friday) is the Jerusalem Blogging Day . He urges all bloggers to dedicate their posts on the day to highlight the plight of Palestinians.

Israel: Palestinian Coalition

  9 February 2007

Jonathan at Head Heeb gives us his two cents on the Palestinian agreement reached in Mecca. “There are, to be sure, some positive signs. The fact that the Fatah and Hamas leadership had the political maturity to perservere despite factional violence, and that they succeeded in reaching an agreement, is...