· November, 2006

Stories about Palestine from November, 2006

Egypt: English-language news

  30 November 2006

Commenting on the new attempt at local English-language news reporting in Palestine (Palestine Times), Matthew Carrington says: “If, as the editor claims, the Palestine Times isn't going to be beholden to any particular political or commercial interest, then this could a good thing. Palestine, as much as Egypt, needs a...

Palestine: Humanity lost

  29 November 2006

Waiting, as ever, for the border to open, Laila says: “One hour turned into two, then three, then five, as we stood shielding our eyes from the piercing midday sun on Wednesday, when we were told the Crossing would be opening for a few hours. We stood and we waited...

Palestine: Border still closed!

  27 November 2006

Since then, Laila and her family are still waiting to cross the border from Egypt to Gaza. There is now some rumors that the border is opening tomorrow for three days only, in both directions. She can't be certain until she hears the same from the Egyptian border officials.

Palestinian Still Waiting to Return Home

  25 November 2006

Palestinian Leila Al Haddad is still waiting at a road block in Arish to return home. She says she has lost count of the number of says she has spent waiting and has come to the realisation that “Israeli decisions are without rhyme or reason.”

Palestine: UN Official Visit

  24 November 2006

Palestinian Dr Mona Al Farra reports the visit of a top United Nations humanitarian official to Beit Hanoun. She said residents turned out to see Louise Arbour, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights, as she toured the town but were not hopeful her visit would achieve any results.

Palestine: Woman Suicide Bomber

  24 November 2006

Lucy Widaad from Palestine reports on a woman suicide bomber who killed herself and six others in Gaza. Widaad admits that a 50-year-old woman doesn't fit the profile of a suicide bomber.

  22 November 2006

Leila Al Haddad in Raising Yousuf, who is making her long trek home from the US to Palestine, and is now stuck in Egypt, waiting for the border to her country to reopen. The experience makes her feel “very alone; no one cares, no one knows, no one bothers to...

  21 November 2006

Palestinian-Jordanian blogger Haitham Sabbah tells us about the plight of a Palestinian refugee who is looking for a lawyer/s to help her “present a case, or cases, against the State of Israel and private individuals and organizations, for damages, because of human rights abuses and many other crimes perpetrated against...

Arabisc: Egyptian Blogger Arrested While Arab Bloggers Debate Unity Issues

  9 November 2006

With most Arab countries waging a war on the Internet, Egypt decided to score brownie points with its bloggers by arresting yet another online writer. Egyptian blogger Alaa Abd El Fattah, who has himself enjoyed a stint behind bars, reports to us his colleague's ordeal. أمرت نيابة محرم بك بالإسكندرية...

The Screams of Gaza Echo in a Silent World

  9 November 2006

Four Months. 247 Palestinians dead. 155 of them, “official” civilians. 57 children. 996 wounded. 337 of them are children. Naseem Tarawnah wonders if the world can hear Gaza scream at all anymore. Eman vents out similar frustrations especially with the lack of Arab reaction, while Al Falasteenyia is calling on...