· September, 2006

Stories about Palestine from September, 2006

Palestine: Citizen Profile

  28 September 2006

Are Palestinians still romanticizing with the fantasies and daydreams of complete liberation and the return to a land they only heard and read about? Maybe these daydreams were legitimate and reasonable in the previous era of the struggle, but under the current necessity for re-evaluation, the options for realizing the...

Palestine: Talking instead of Bombing

  26 September 2006

Salah Al-Dien describe the report which states that majority of Israelis would support holding negotiations with a Palestinian unity government that includes the Islamic Hamas movement; as the best news piece he have seen all month because it once again shows that the people are way ahead of the leaders...

Palestine: Listen, just keep me safe…

  25 September 2006

Our safety in the United States and elsewhere will never be guaranteed by force and violence, and certainly not when that violence creates legions of new enemies who have just been given a real reason to realize their new hatred of America when their countries are bombed and occupied and...

Bulgaria, Libya: Save the Tripoli Six

  21 September 2006

Declan Butler, a senior reporter at Nature, draws attention to the plight of the “Tripoli Six” – five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor on trial in Libya: “Can the blogosphere help free the Tripoli six? — innocent medics risking execution in Libya.”

Palestine: Destroyed villages on Google Earth

  21 September 2006

umkahlil says that palestineremembered.com is working on comprehensive project to bring the Nakba online by integrating maps of destroyed Palestinian villages and towns in 1948, into the Google Earth maps, so that Palestinians can see where their original town or village is in Palestine.

Five years on from 9/11, the world remembers

  12 September 2006

The mainstream media in many countries have been preoccupied with events in the United States to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on 9/11 2001. But the repercussions of these events have spread across the globe and people far beyond New York...

Palestine: Huda Ghalyia

  12 September 2006

Mardi from Palestine Free Voice blog has an interview with Huda Ghalyia – the Girl who became the symbol of the Palestinian sorrow.

Palestine: The Fifth Anniversary of September 11

  11 September 2006

While the anniversary will inevitably be exploited by Bush and Co. to further thier case for more bloodshed in the name of “freedom”, September 11 can also be a means to send an alternative messege; a message in support of our universal humanity. As humans we are all equal and...

Palestine: Israel isolated?

  5 September 2006

Fayyad analyzing news from Israeli media noticed that there are some indications that Israel is becoming increasingly isolated and sanctioned. His first example is the news that several European countries have banned Israeli Airlines El Al from landing in their airports if they are carrying IDF cargo, and the second...

Palestine: The Weather Report

  4 September 2006

The “summer rains” that began falling on Gaza over two months ago are continuing. On 2 September the Northerly winds of the Israeli Occupation Forces swept through the town of Beit Hanoun unleashing its full might killing a father and son and injuring his two daughters. It appears that these...

Palestine: Arts and Crafts Village

  4 September 2006

Culture in Palestine is the legacy that makes up a large portion of the cultural identity that interacts with all the classes of the Palestinian society. It conveys an image that reflects the suffering and oppression of the people caused by the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The Municipality of Gaza...