· August, 2006

Stories about Palestine from August, 2006

Palestine: Palestinians must be ready for November 3

  22 August 2006

In preparation for the mid-term congressional elections in the US on November 2, a wise Palestinian strategy would be to remove all possible contentious issues that can be used as excuses by Israel not to engage directly and seriously with the Palestinian side, from November 3 on, Daoud Kuttab Said.

This Week In Palestine: Black & Blue

  22 August 2006

One week after the Israeli army brutally attacked a weekly non-violent legal demonstration against the wall in the village of Bil’in, August 18th saw yet another black and blue protest. ISM reports that this time the army showed a greater sense of preparation as they added water cannons to their...

This Week In Palestinian Blogs: Summer Rain

  15 August 2006

August 11th saw another weekly non-violent protest in Bil’in take a wrong turn as the Israeli army attacked protesters with rubber bullets and sound grenades as they marched toward the Separation Wall. International Solitary Movement reported fourteen people injured including an Israeli activist. Bethlehem Bloggers has a first hand account...

The Week That Was in Bahrain

  13 August 2006

Bahrain's Internet scene witnessed what could be described this week as ‘no step forward and 10 steps backwards!’ On Monday, newspapers reported that the Kingdom would ban Google Earth. ‘(T)he Ministry of DISinformation has instructed the Bahrain Internet Exchange to block Google Earth. Possibly because through Google Earth, the whole...

Syria: Hamas Official Abducted and Tortured

  9 August 2006

“While the whole world is preoccupied with the situation in Lebanon, Israel has been taking this chance to kill more civilians in Gaza, and kidnap the odd cabinet minister from the democratically elected Hamas government. Israel's latest victim is the speaker of the parliament, Aziz Dwaik, who was abducted from...

Palestine: Rafah's Remains after “Summer Rains”

  7 August 2006

The military withdrew from Rafah yesterday, early morning and returned yesterday night and are now present at the airport and the outskirts of Rafah. The destruction that they have left behind since last Thursday, August 3rd, consists of 13 killed, including three children one of which was a three day-old...

Palestine: A Cultural Boycott of Israel

  7 August 2006

Palestinian filmmakers, artists and cultural workers are leading a call for a cultural boycott of Israel. In light of the recent escalation of Israeli attacks against Lebanon and the Palestinians in Gaza, Palestinian artists are initiating a mass movement to isolate Israel. It is aimed at giving Israel the same...

The week that was in Bahrain

  6 August 2006

After almost a month of continuous bombing, most of Bahrain's bloggers have strayed away from covering Lebanon and Palestine and turned their attention to home affairs – except for Sabbah, who continues to provide blanket coverage of the atrocities being committed against Arabs in the occupied territories. He even posts...

Middle-East War and Indonesian Blogger Divided Responses

  4 August 2006

Echoing the international media headlines on current conflicts in the Middle East between Israel-Lebanon and Israel-Palestine, Indonesian bloggers post similar topics with various comments and responses; pros and cons, supports and condemnation to either sides. Among Indonesian Muslims bloggers, condemnation towards Israeli atrocities against civilians people in Lebanon almost pouring...

Palestine: Destruction and Transformation of the Palestinian Environment

  2 August 2006

After decades under occupation, the Palestinian environment has become severely degraded. The Israeli occupation has caused significant damage to the Palestinian environment due to unsustainable exploitation of natural resources and by its geopolitical ambitions in the West Bank such as building settlements, roads, and conducting military incursions which have destroyed...