· July, 2006

Stories about Palestine from July, 2006

This Week In Palestinian Blogs: World On Fire

  31 July 2006

While the flames of war engulf Lebanon, Gaza is still under attack. Many of the victims have been Palestinian children, some barely a year old; and as their families prepare to burry them Haitham Sabbah asks the fundemental question: “How shall we forget? How shall we forgive?” As sound of...

Iran: Khatami writes letters too!

  28 July 2006

In Iraneno we read that Mohammad Khatami, former President wrote a letter to several important political, religious and academic personalities such as Nelson Mandel, Kofi Annan and Noam Chomsky to condemn Israel and war in Lebanon. In blog we read that Khatami considered Hezbollah as a legitimate resistance in Lebanon...

War in Lebanon and Privatization

  28 July 2006

The Lebanon war is still hot news in Iran and Iranian bloggers talk about it. By reading some blogs we discover a very original approach to protesting against war, taking place in Tehran. Demonstrating with George Habash photo Nasle Farda writes about an original demonstration in Tehran against war. The...

Israel/Lebanon commentary

  21 July 2006

“Destroying the infrastructure of Lebanon isn't going to achieve much. It would surely not make Israel any safer,” writes Netherlands-based Nigerian blogger Chippla in a

Reunion: Moslem Community Rallying Cry

  21 July 2006

Zarabes writes (Fr): “We members of the moslem community of la Reunion, are watching powerless the current events in Palestine and Lebanon. Tired of the ambiant silence, we ask the various heads of the island's masjids to hold a common discourse next Friday (July 28, 2006) for the salat of...

Jordan: Jeresh Festival

  20 July 2006

Due to the war in Lebanon and Palestine, Jeresh festival 2006 will be suspended until further notice, Ibrahim Owais said.

Zimbabwe: Middle East lesson

  20 July 2006

“The past week's events in the Middle East,” writes Zimpundit, “have confirmed Zimbabweans’ fears that in eyes of the world some lives are intrinsically more valuable than others.”

Middle East: Reaction

  20 July 2006

Black Looks “stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine and Lebanon against the wanton frenzy of destruction unleashed by Israel in yet another act of collective punishment.”

Israel condemnation and the Cause of War and Conflicts

  17 July 2006

Many Indonesian bloggers respond to the current brutal and terror act against civilians in Palestine and Lebanon with disgust and condemnation. Indra Pramanawho is very concerned about the current escalation of tension in the middle-east, especially the use of excessive force by Israelis against civilians in Palestinian territory and Lebanon,...

Mideast conflict: Reaction

  17 July 2006

Former Rwanda-based blogger George Conard posts an e-mail from a friend currently in Beirut, which points out the gaps in one MSM organization's handling of events there.

This Week In Palestinian Blogs: The Vocabulary of War

  17 July 2006

The word ‘peace’ has never seemed further from the recent realities that have gripped the region. Instead, the word ‘conflict’ seems to dominate the undertones of every blogger who’s been keeping track of the developments in Palestine; and even ‘conflict’ feels like a euphemism these days. Fayyad at Kabobfest looks...

Israel, Lebanon, Palestine: The road to war

  14 July 2006

“To punish the people of Gaza and Lebanon because their governments haven't figured out how to control these outfits would be a bit like bombing the Vatican as retribution for the violence of the IRA,” writes Trinidad & Tobago blogger Jeremy Taylor, as he weighs in on the situation brewing...

Arabisc: The Blazing Middle East

  14 July 2006

Third day after the beginning of the never ending Middle East conflict; Israel/Lebanon war, the Arabic blogsphere speaks. Ranging between anger, celebration, condemnation and support, on both sides of the conflict, the bloggers views vary depends where they come from. Some sound extreme, others sound objective and reasonable, but all...

Palestine: No American Entry

  11 July 2006

Palestinian is reporting that, for the first time since 1967, Israel in now barring entry of Americans into the West Bank. The campaign is asking American congressmen to demand that Israel explain why it is preventing American citizens and humanitarian relief workers into the territories while U.S. gives Israel $12...

Indonesia Double Take to Israel and Looking at the Future

  7 July 2006

Politics, sport, business towards Israel Ahmad Qisai at Politics and Society highlights the ever growing tension between Israel and Palestine and Indonesian government decision to boycot the playoff of the World Group II in Tel Aviv later this month but seems to have a double standard in case of economy....

Palestine: Gaza: Numbers In The Dark

  6 July 2006

21,000 children will lose the chance to enroll in kindergarten and summer camps. Some 80,000 children will suffer psychological problems from fear of darkness and nightmares. 200,000 households lost the source of electricity. Food stuff storage for the basic commodities (wheat, rice, etc) will not last for more than two...

Palestine: Arab-Asian Culture

  6 July 2006

One of the most interesting part of studying Arab culture are the numerous connections between so many other cultures. The interaction between the modally based traditions of the Arab World, Iran and South Asia has been quite rich. Laith have noticed that a lot of Arab pop music stars have...

Uganda: Entebbe jet video

  5 July 2006

Video Journalist Africa shoots some video of an ancient-looking jet aircraft at Uganda's Entebbe Airport, which local people say is the Air France jet whose hijacking prompted the Israeli military raid and rescue operation there 30 years ago. But the tailplane appears to bear the faded letters: “Brit…”

Palestine: The “so-called” Palestinian

  4 July 2006

It's not only relocating from Gaza to USA, and it is not only her worries about her beloved one's back home, but the lack of news in USA media about the situation in Palestine, yet, the $150 that can “save” a “persecuted Jew” in Russia in the religious TV channel...