· June, 2006

Stories about Palestine from June, 2006

Arabisc: Arabic Bloggers Ken, War and Women Rights

  30 June 2006

Summer holidays, women rights, war in Iraq and war in Palestine. These are some of the permanent scene in the Arabic language blogsphere these days. Here is some of what few bloggers said: The daily life of a normal Iraqi is not what one can wish to go through. Tara...

Palestine: Invasion Forecast

  29 June 2006

Christopher Brown writing from Palestine his “Today's Forecast“, he said: “Heavy rains of missiles and sonic blasts have been happening since Tuesday and are expected to continue throughout the week, and possibly into the foreseeable future… no reports of death due to this current storm, a number of arrests have...

Palestine: Palestine: From Gaza, with Love!

  28 June 2006

Mona El-Farra, a Palestinian blogger from Gaza, a physician and a human rights and women's rights activist, describe last night's Israeli attck on Gaza in a letter to here freind in UK, Hilary. She said: “I am writing while the jet fighters are in the sky , with their horrible...

Palestine: Peaceful Resistance in Bethlehem City

  27 June 2006

Al Khadr is yet another example of a peaceful village bearing the brunt of the Israeli occupation's policies to annex land while undermining the social and economic viability of the Bethlehem governorate. The soon to be built Apartheid wall near Al Khadr will isolate 95% of the village's lands behind...

Palestine: So how many Palestinians will be killed tonight?

  26 June 2006

If you have been busy watching the World Cup, here is something else packed with action and excitment you could watch tonight. Well, what happend is that some Palestinian militants attacked an Israeli post, killing two soldiers and kidnapping another. So the Israeli Forces right now are gathering hundreds of...

Palestine: Roger Waters and The Wall!

  23 June 2006

Cultural icon and rock-god Roger Waters, co-founder and frontman of the legendary rock group Pink Floyd, spray painted “Tear Down The Wall” and “No Thought Control” on Israel’s Separation wall. Nadeem has the details.

This Week In Palestinian Blogs: Fire Dancing

  19 June 2006

The shelling of a Gaza beach few days ago which resulted in several deaths, continues to be a priority story for Palestinian bloggers this week; specifically the unresolved issue of responsibility. While Kabobfest takes a look at the findings, Moi from My Occupation thinks this may be another Israeli cover-up...

Arabisc: The Arabic Bloggers Ken, Media, Anti-Blogging and the World Cup

  16 June 2006

Blogging nightmare… Starting with hot news this week, it looks that the Egyptian blogsphere is going to have more hard time in the near future. Following Aljazeera's one hour TV documentary (Arabic) about blogging and its role in the political scene in the Egyptian street, one of the oldest, biggest...

This Week In Palestinian Blogs: Tragedy at The Beach

  13 June 2006

Tragedy and shock has captured the minds and hearts of Palestinian bloggers this week. The Israeli shelling of Gaza which lead to the death of several civilians including women and children, has some calling it Bloody Friday. As Palestinian families built sand castles on a Gaza beach an Israeli shell...

Palestine: Arab Desperate Housewives

  12 June 2006

Qwaider wonders: “I'm sure many of you are well aware of the show “Desperate housewives” aired just about everywhere these days. But has any one notices the mushrooming numbers of real desperate Arab housewives out there. Sure it's not as blatant and forward as it is in the west, nevertheless...

Palestine: Mega Terrorism

  7 June 2006

Nadeem asks: Why would Hamas go to all the trouble to halt suicide-attacks, form a political party, take part in the democratic process, form a government, and state that they are willing to hold talks with their occupier – if what they really want to do is bomb Israel with...

Palestine: Army's Wishes Come First

  5 June 2006

It really irritates me how the actions of the Israeli army are always ignored by authorities. If they kill, and they claim it’s by accident, then it’s by accident for sure, no one doubts that. If they raid and bomb and kill hundreds of innocent people, it’s just victims of...

This Week In Palestinian Blogs: Behind The Walls

  5 June 2006

From barber shops and strawberry fields to politics and the lives of students behind walls, the Palestinian blogosphere this week has many stories to tell. Laila El-Haddad, far from the familiarity of her home in Gaza, describes her latest journeys in the suburbs of Maryland as she and her son...