· May, 2006

Stories about Palestine from May, 2006

Palestine: Free Hait Cut

  31 May 2006

Palestinian hairdressers in the West Bank town of Hebron offered a free trim to local government employees who have not been paid for more than two months, Fadi said.

Palestine: Land Grab

  24 May 2006

Olmert plans to remove the smaller settlements and puts it in such a way as if he’s doing the Palestinians a favour! Bush says he accepts the larger settlements (which are illegal under international law) since he considers them “facts on the ground”. So basically the criteria for making a...

The Global Voices Show #1

  24 May 2006

Global Voices is pleased to announce the first of our new magazine-style podcasts, which aim to do for online audio what the Global Voices web site does for text blogs — introduce listeners to some of the exciting offerings from podcasters around the world. In this episode we feature the...

Arabisk – The Arabic Bloggers Ken

  19 May 2006

The following is an abbreviated translation from some of the Arabic-language blogsphere. Music… Amal, in her latest cartoon: “See my Wawa, kiss my Wawa.” The Wawa is the little tiny hurt “ouch”.. In this cartoon; a poor bleeding Palestinian child is begging from a wealthy Arabian man who seems not...

This Week In Palestinian Blogs: Al-Nakba Continues

  15 May 2006

Al-Nakba (or ‘the catastrophe’), the day Israel declared its independence on May 14th 1948, has been the main topic of this past week. For many Palestinian bloggers Al-Nakba means remembering this important moment in history, which set the stage for an ongoing struggle and tragedy; where both past and present...

Palestine: IDF Shoot Peace Activists in The Head

  12 May 2006

The International Solidarity Movement in Palestine reports that Israeli soldiers shot two International Peace Activists in the head at Bil'in. The two activists were shot with rubber bullets along with seven Palestinians seven. One Australian and one Danish demonstrator were hospitalized after being shot in the head at close range....