· April, 2006

Stories about Palestine from April, 2006

Palestine: Confused!

  28 April 2006

Lucy Widaad has a serious question for you: “Can you guys help me make a list of things we can do here in Palestine to help progress the peace process… How can we demonstrate that we do not want occupation any longer without resorting to violence?”

Palestine: Mob like mentality?

  27 April 2006

In deviantART, the Palestinian artists simply cannot select their country from the dA country list. “Free-Palestine” community asked deviantART to add “Palestinian territories” to the country list. The answer was: “deviantART does not tolerate Mob like mentality…“. dA then banned “Free-Palestine” members, and deleted all of their content, EP said.

Iran's Nuclear Crisis, Persian Gulf Islands and Funds for Palestine

  18 April 2006

Permanent members of UN Security Council and Germany have come together to discuss their common action against Iran and the so-called “nuclear crisis” is a very hot issue in the Iranian media and blogs. Jadi (Persian) writes about nuclear energy and why he is against it: “I as a democrat,...

Palestine: The Earth is Closing in on Us

  10 April 2006

Laila writes: The shells keep falling. They’ve gotten inside my head. It’s like someone is banging a gong next to my ear every few minutes; sometimes 5 times a minute, like last night. And just when I savor a few moments of silence, it starts again as if to say...

Palestine: Bellydancing out, cinema in!

  7 April 2006

Sabbah seems to be angry on recent news about Hamas intentions to ban religiously-forbidden practices (from Islam point of view) in Palestine. He is afraid that Hamas is going to be a new Taliban, but elected one by only Palestinians inside Occupied Palestine, which Sabbah does not see fair to...

Israel: Israel Arrests, Frees Palestinian Minister

  7 April 2006

Richard Silverstein commenting on the detention of the Palestinian minister for Jerusalem affairs, Khaled Abu Arafa at an East Jerusalem road block set up by Israel’s Border Police, he said: “It shows how completely disorganized the intelligence services are. Is their current mission to be at war with Hamas; or...

Palestine: Palestinian Child Day

  6 April 2006

This year, the circumstances surrounding Palestinian Child Day are no different – our children continue to feel the pain of occupation. Israeli forces continue to deprive children of their right to life – since the start of this year alone, 12 children have been killed, bringing to 740 the total...

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: They Bloom Again!

  4 April 2006

From the soul unfolds itself : In 1976, Israeli policy of expropriating Palestinian land in northern Israel to build Jewish settlements provoked Palestinian residents in the Galilee town of Sakhnin to protest on March 30. Six Palestinians were killed during the demonstration. Since then, Palestinians inside Israel and the West...