· March, 2006

Stories about Palestine from March, 2006

China: Convenient humanitarianism

  29 March 2006

In his post “Arab Leaders Ignore Chinese,” lordgenius at China Intel mentions an upcoming meeting between the Arab League and the Chinese Communist Party in Sudan which will focus on Iraq, the Palestinian-Israeli peace process and the ongoing civil strife in western Sudan's Darfur region. “Isn't there something missing here?...

Palestine: Beware the Ides of March

  16 March 2006

Israel acts not just with absolute impunity, but with the support of western powers: that is the message that has been reinforced in Jericho, Laila El-Haddad said. See her full article in the Guardian's new Comment is Free blog.

Palestine: Jericho Prison Raided and Saadat Arrested

  16 March 2006

On 14 March 2006 Israeli forces raided Jericho prison and arrested PFLP militant leader Ahmad Saadat. The military wing of the popular front threatened to respond to the Israeli operation. Laila el-Haddad from Raising Yousuf took some pictures of Palestinian security forces made to strip down to their underwear by...

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: Children are Not Immune

  14 March 2006

Happy Women's Day to every Palestinian woman who has lost a father, brother, son or a husband. To all Palestinian women who are still languishing inside the Israeli prisons waiting for justice. Palestinian women commemorate women's day to highlight their struggle and show perseverance in fighting the Israeli occupation on...

Palestine: Art, creates dialogue

  7 March 2006

Sabbah and Laith agrees that even “Paradise Now” didn't win the Oscar, but it won more than the academy award. Laith agrees with the film's director statement that this film would let people talk and discuss the issues that are presented in it. “Art, creates dialogue”.

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: After the Last Sky

  4 March 2006

News of the blogosphere… In sad breaking news from A STAND FOR JUSTICE, an Israeli sniper killed a 15-year-old Palestinian during a raid on West Bank: Amer Bassyouni, 15, was shot in the neck and died from his wounds as Israeli forces searched for militants in the Alamin refugee camp...

Palestine: The Gaza diet begins

  2 March 2006

The ongoing closure of the al-Mintar (aka Karni) crossing, the main route for both commercial and humanitarian supplies into Gaza, has resulted in an estimated loss of some $10.5 million, and the depletion of Gaza's main food staples. Wheat grain stocks are dwindling as a result, and flour mills in...