· January, 2006

Stories about Palestine from January, 2006

Palestine: Hamas Won!

27 January 2006

A lot of reactions to Hamas winning elections in Palestine. Nas summaries some of these, then talks about after-shock. Shaden says, “that’s what Palestinians inside want, you either support them or not but don't think you have the right to choose for them“, Khalaf writes about the implications on Jordan,...

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: Here's Tomorrow

23 January 2006

News of the blogosphere… It's Laila el-Haddad‘s birthday! She spent a day full of surprises with her son Yousuf. Sabbah is one of the finalists on Bloggies 2005 Weblog Awards. Promises of Arabesque Rhapsody has suggested JordanPlanet‘s citizens form their own Book Club. She's come up with another idea too,...

Palestine: Countdown to crunch time

21 January 2006

Laila el-Haddad (Blogger of Raising Yousuf) writes her third post in a series of five parts to Guardian Unlimited about elections in Gaza, Palestine. She updates on the situation saying: “Things are getting heated between the frontrunners, Hamas and Fateh, who have been exchanging blows over credibility over the past...

Palestine: Fighting Talk of Elections

19 January 2006

Laila el-Haddad (Palestinian blogger of Raising Yousuf) is reporting from Gaza on the approaching legislative Palestinian elections, in a series of posts for Guardian Unlimited, Laila described the situation in Gaza last week by being unusually quite adding: “The brief calm also seems to strengthen the argument of those who...

Palestine: Zero Tolerance

17 January 2006

Despite the Israeli government's claim of a “zero tolerance” policy against settler violence in Hebron, Human Rights Workers report that settlers have continued their violence against Palestinians with almost full impunity in Tel Rumeida, ISM said.

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: It's the Little Things That Matter

16 January 2006

News of the blogosphere… Laila from Raising Yousuf reports that the big day of elections is less than two weeks away. She has been recruited by the Guardians Unlimited to write about the elections in a series of posts. From Ramallah Online, in Palestinian village of Al-Walaja people still live...

Palestine: The Fruits of Non Violence

13 January 2006

Following today’s hearing in the Supreme Court Judge Ayala Prokachya issued a new temporary injunction forbidding all building whatsoever in the Matityahu East compound in the settlement Modi’in Illit. The judge further ordered “to examine all permits already issued and to determine their position regarding their legality by 20 January.”...

Palestine: Back from Hell

11 January 2006

Imaan finally left Gaza and went back home – Stockholm. A must read post of her final journey, which she titles as ” The journey from hell…”

Palestine: Slingshot Hip Hop

9 January 2006

umkahli writes; SlingShot Hip Hop is a documentary film that focuses on the daily life of Palestinian rappers living in Gaza, the West Bank and inside Israel. It aims to spotlight alternative voices of resistance within the Palestinian struggle and explore the role their music plays within their social, political...

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: Occupy Me With Peace

2 January 2006

Happy new prosperous year from KABOBfest and Haitham Sabbah. The Palestinian Blogosphere wish that 2006 would bring with it pleasant surprises and help us get over last year's misfortunes. And even though, some dark clouds are hovering over our heads, some of us have typed down some new year's resolutions....