· November, 2005

Stories about Palestine from November, 2005

Palestine: A Palestinian Podcast

29 November 2005

Yazan Malakha tells us that Iron Sheik seems to have started Kabobfest, a blog and a podcast from a Palestinain perspective. Worth listening to!

Palestine: Mourning the Olive

29 November 2005

Nas says, when we mourn the loss of olive trees unjustly destroyed, we also remember the cactus for its spirit of resilience but above all, its patience.

Palestine: Gaza For Jerusalem?

29 November 2005

In her return to blogging, Lawrence of Cyberia is optimistic. She says, she is enjoying as much as anybody the sight of the political realignment in Israel and the drawing in of Hamas to the Palestinian Parliamentary process, and speculating where it might all end. But optimism stops being a...

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: Ending Occupation is What Really Matters to US

28 November 2005

Rafah border was opened on the 25th of Nov, congratulations to all Palestinians! On Rafah crossing, Rafah Pundits say the agreement reached between Palestinian and Israeli authorities state that Israel has no physical presence in the Rafah crossing except for reserving some sort of remote control, and the right to...

Palestine: Vanunu is Terrorist?

25 November 2005

The Cutter of Peace Palestine blog, publishes a letter from Mordechai Vanunu. He says: “…they want the Israel public to regard me as a terrorist.”

Palestine: Human Rights Observer Arrest

25 November 2005

International Solidarity Movement (ISM) reports that a Human Rights Observer (HRO) from the UK was arrested in Tel Rumeida, Hebron earlier yesterday. He had just finished escorting Palestinian children to school and was walking home on Shuhaddah street when he was stopped by an armed Israeli Border Police unit in...

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: More than Checkpoints

21 November 2005

Yesterday the 20th of November was the Universal Children's Day. Happy anniversary children of the World, may you celebrate this year and every year with joy, health and peace… Palestine Blogs took the opportunity to remember Palestine's dear children who has been suffering under the Israeli occupation since as early...

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: Bethlehem Issues Call to the World

14 November 2005

On behalf of Palestinian Bloggers, I extend my deepest condolences to the people of Jordan. We are all one in this. Those who died are our brothers and sisters, they are in our prayers, their memory will linger forever in our hearts. God bless the souls of those who have...

Poetry for peace in Palestine

  9 November 2005

Kenyan poet, Mshairi celebrates “wisdom” over “darkness” in her poem “Yearning” dedicated to the family of the Palestinian boy killed by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank who have donated his organs for use in Israel, in the hope of promoting peace.

Palestine: Israel Used White Phosphorous

9 November 2005

While the U.S. use of White Phosphorus in Iraq is still burning, umkahlil and thecutter are reminding that Israel used White Phosphorus in an antipersonnel mode in populated areas in southern Lebanon and Palestine. (Reference: Human Rights Watch Report)

Palestine: Gaza Eid Joy

7 November 2005

Even though Eid really isn't that much different from every other day it still gives an long needed opportunity for joy, Imaan says.

Palestine: Open Bethlehem

7 November 2005

Bethlehem Bloggers wonders, Bethlehem, a place of Christian pilgrimage for centuries, will soon be encircled by Israel's security barrier. Is the town to become no more than a museum among ancient shrines?

Israel: Italian Rally

  4 November 2005

Rebecca points to the Italians rally for Israel in response to the Iranian President's words. While on the same subject, umkalil wonders, perhaps they're celebrating the clinical death of thirteen year old Ismail Khatieb, shot through the head and heart by one of Israel's Occupation Forces?

Eid Around the World

  3 November 2005

Today was the first day of Eid Al Fitr around most of the Muslim countries and communities around the world. According to the Hijri calendar, this day marks the end of Ramadan and breaking the fast, which is what the word Fitr means. However, while that is shared between all...

Iran: Ahmadinejad on Palestinian TV

  3 November 2005

Rooznamenegar No ( which means New Journalist in Persian) says that Palestinian official TV was really indifferent to Ahmadinejad's anti Israel speech. He says Palestinian TV just reported comments from all over the world about Ahmadinejad's speech.