· October, 2005

Stories about Palestine from October, 2005

This Week in Palestinian Blogs

31 October 2005

Three major issues forced themselves to appear on Palestinian blogs this week: 1) The so called Gaza disengagement, 2) The discriminatory Apartheid Wall (which imprisons Palestinians in the largest jail humanity has ever known) and 3) The ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Israeli military forces. Before you proceed, I'd like...

Palestine: An Eye for an Eye and a Tit for Tat Attacks

27 October 2005

Sabbah wonders; can’t the media be fair? Or is it Halal for Israelis to kill Palestinians and Haraam for Palestinians to kill Israelis? It's all a Tit for tat, and an eye for an eye, but that's not the right thing to do.

Palestine: Israel Shamir interview

25 October 2005

thecutter announce for an upcoming interview. Peacepalestine is putting together a group interview with Israel Shamir. Book your chance to ask him a question on this blog.

Palestine: Living in Gaza

25 October 2005

Imaan says that by now she already spent close to four months in Gaza. There has been many struggles, however she have come to realize that the Gazans do love their Gaza. They even sometimes refer to it as “sweet Gaza”. Many people live satisfying lives there. Even their lives...

Palestine: Mother of Prisoners

  25 October 2005

umkahlil reports that Farha Barghothy, a great popular poet, and one of the leaders of the Palestinian women movement, died on Saturday. Farah a.k.a. “Mother of prisoners“, kept reiterating before she died, “I want to see them before I meet my creator” of her two jailed sons in Ashkelon Israeli...

This Week in Palestinian Blogs

  24 October 2005

In The Electronic Intifada, Palestinian DAM, the first Arab World rap group from Lydd and US based band the Philistines take NYC's East Village by storm! Their CD is finally out: Free the P, dedicated to the youth of Palestine. The proceeds will go to Slingshot Hip-hop, a documentary film...

Iraq: Palestinian refugees harassment in Iraq

  21 October 2005

Christian Iraq reports that representatives of the 40,000 Palestinian refugees living in Iraq say they have suffered harassment and persecution at the hands of security forces and ordinary Iraqi people since the fall of Saddam Hussein two years ago. Now some Palestinians living in Iraq have decided spontaneously to leave....

Palestine: I am Jewish!

  20 October 2005

Firas envy Beckham, not for his fit body, fame or good looks, and absolutely not for his wife Victoria, it is just that Beckham could at any point head to Israel for FREE, where he will be greeted at the airport with wide opened arms, and a “Welcome Home” greeting....

Palestine: Report from At-Tuwani

20 October 2005

umkahlil says that On Wednesday, October 19 Christian Peacemaker Teams issued an Urgent Action appeal asking to call Israeli military officers and Israeli embassies to demand that the Israeli military fulfill its obligation to protect all people under its jurisdiction in the occupied West Bank, and to question the Israeli...

Palestine: Israeli police ‘too busy’ to attend

  19 October 2005

ISM reports that on the 13th of Sept the eve of the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) police in Hebron refused to respond to a call that violence was anticipated from settler children outside Qutuba Girl’s School in the Tel Rumeida district of Hebron. As the girls left...

From the Palestinian Blogsphere

  17 October 2005

Palestine Blogs stresses the similarities between the Apartheid Wall in South Africa and the Israeli Apartheid Wall in Palestine in the ethnic nature and colonial agenda. Mohammed Abed further adds that the withdrawal from new homelands in Palestine is also similar to what happened in South Africa. Mohammed urges for...

Palestine: Wall Kills Human Values

  14 October 2005

umkahlil quoting Saed Banoura who reports: ‘Wall Kills Human Values’ is the new slogan which the weekly procession against the Separation Wall in Bil’in village, west of Ramallah, carried on Friday following midday prayers. The procession took off after the Friday prayers and headed towards the construction site of the...

Palestinian Bloggers Blog for a Purpose!

  10 October 2005

Living under occupation Palestinian bloggers might be small in number but definitely big in mission and purpose. If you were Palestinian, fortunate enough to have Internet access and run a blog chances are every other entry is about the Palestinian-Israeli daily conflict. Palestine Blogs will never forget innocent 12-year-old child...

Palestine: Human Rights Teaching

  7 October 2005

Dr. Marcy Newman spent a week pouring over the six UNRWA storybooks that have been translated into English that teach Palestinian refugee children about human rights. She says that one of the stories teaches children about racism and discrimination without privileging the suffering of one group over another. However, she...

Palestine: Checkpoint Death

6 October 2005

umkahlil writes about the Palestinian mother, which Bleed to death at Israeli military checkpoint and says that westerners who get their news from headlines won't know that Haifaa’ Daoud Mohammed Hindiya was shot from two meters away at a checkpoint by Israeli soldiers.

Palestine: Wedding under fire

  4 October 2005

scott of Angry White Kid post a photo of an Israeli bride posing for a wedding photographer next to an Israeli army mobile artillery piece at a staging area near Gaza and says, one thing we didn't do at our wedding; posing in front of Israeli artillery that was actively...

Palestine: 2005 Olive Harvest Campaign

  3 October 2005

International Solidarity Movement (ISM) started their annual Olive Harvest Campaign in Palestine. The olive harvest season is annual activity which starts on October 15 and ends on November 15 of each year. ISM says that the presence of internationals during harvest time has proven in the past to help limit...