· September, 2005

Stories about Palestine from September, 2005

Palestine: Human Shields

  29 September 2005

umkahlil says that Israeli Forces uses brother of murdered victim as human shield to search a greenhouse belonging to his family. After he was released, he said that the Israeli soldiers used him as a human shield to discover the destiny of the persons who were inside the greenhouse. One...

Palestine: Beirut? No… Gaza

  27 September 2005

Lama Hourani writes at ‘International Solidarity Movement‘ and says: “So it seems that we are living in Beirut again these days. And it seems that I had forgotten what the sound is of an F16 when it attacks. In any case, they are visiting us several times a day and...

Palestine: Miss Seamiline Beauty Queen

22 September 2005

Sabbah post some links to photos of ‘Miss Seamiline’ Beauty Queen contest, which toke place in the Israeli town of Gilo, near the West Bank town of Bethlehem. An event to promote peace between Israeli’s and Palestinians.

South Africa: A Tale of Two Cities

  21 September 2005

Dialogue-South Africa posts a speech drawing parallels between the struggle against apartheid and the situation in Israel/Palestine, saying that “we South Africans have a unique perspective on this issue.”

Palestine: Home-made Landmines

19 September 2005

International Solidarity Movement reports that on September 15th 2005, two International Human Rights Observers (IHROs) accompanying shepherds from the Palestinian shepherding village of Qawaweis (in the southern Hebron district) were notified by one of the shepherds of the existence of two explosive devices placed under rocks on their land by...

Palestine: Gaza Settlement Tour

13 September 2005

Laila Um Yousuf of Raising Yousuf: a diary of a mother under occupation blog writes an interesting article after her first visits to what used to be Israeli settlements in Gaza. She says: Palestinians wandered around in disbelief, trying to absorb the scene and the moment. For some, like 26-year...

Palestine: Land Ownership, 1945

7 September 2005

Umkahlil lists Israeli and Palestinian landownership in percentages by subdistrict, 1945 as United Nations map published in August 1950.

Palestine: Sport and Politics

5 September 2005

Phalasteen Blog shows some photos of protesters disrupting the Israel-Switzerland World Cup qualifying match in Basel on Sat. The protestors raised banners saying: “Free Palestine, and Boycott Apartheid”.”