· August, 2005

Stories about Palestine from August, 2005

Palestine: Memorable Moments

30 August 2005

As the Israeli unilateral disengagement from Gaza draws to a close Laila from Gaza lists her top ten most memorable moments moments of the past two years.

Palestine: Israeli Settlements

26 August 2005

In case you are searching for a list of Israeli Settlements in the West Bank, Israeli Watch posts a link to download the list for anyone to print or view. A comprehensive list with information about the settlements population, location and date of establishment.

Israel/Palestine: Gaza Disengagement

  22 August 2005

In her attempt to revisit the issue of house demolitions, to speak again with the thousands of Palestinian who lost their homes in Rafah all in the name of security for the settlers, Lila of A Mother from Gaza Blog discovers that Abo Holi (Israeli checkpoint inside Gaza) is closed,...

Palestine: Journalists “Disengaged” From Real Gaza Story

17 August 2005

umkhalil is upset that journalists are not telling viewers of BBC and CNN that the The Fourth Geneva Convention, the primary document governing the OPT, stipulates in Article 49 that the transfer of the population of the occupying power into the occupied territory is in breach of international law. Hence,...

Gaza disengagement first reaction

  16 August 2005

A day since the disengagement from Gaza started, this is some of what is going on the Israeli/Palestinian Blogsphere: On the Israeli side: Smooth Stone writes a A message to the world and says: Well, sadly, the evil deed is done. The Jewish men, women and children of Gush Katif...

Palestine: International Women in Black

15 August 2005

International Solidarity Movement posting a press release stating that hundreds of women to participate in the International Women in Black Conference in Jerusalem will travel today to the village of Bil’in to participate with village women in a vigil against construction of Israel’s illegal annexation wall that will cut 60...

Palestine: Disengagement

15 August 2005

Rafah Pundits writes that disengagement is official and that there’s so much information, and disinformation. Watch for more links at their del.icio.us. Laila describes this day and says it's like a zoo there, and reminds her of the fall of the Berlin Wall. With thousands of journalists flown in from...

Israeli blogosphere

  11 August 2005

In the English-language Israeli blogosphere, most people are talking about the disengagement.

Palestine: An Apology From a US Christian to Palestinians

11 August 2005

umkahlil says: This is my apology for Christians in the US to Muslims, the Arab World, and particularly Palestinians. Too many of my co-religionists have made a travesty of the Golden Rule which unequivocally compels us, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Palestine: Why he did what he did?

5 August 2005

marsden wonders if the four “ISRAELIS” who happened to be non-Jewish, killed by Israeli solider will be listed on Israeli websites, or the Jerusalem Post on its tribute page for victims of terror!

Palestine: Victory Festival Pants

5 August 2005

In humorous way, Laila (A Mother From Gaza) is observing the Palestinian life this week celebrating Israel withdrawal, wearing “Victory Pants.” The pants will actually be blue jeans, to be worn with white T-shirts.

Palestine: Rocket Attack Update

4 August 2005

Rafah Pundit is pointing to the latest press release from Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) which condemns all attacks that targeting all civilians not just Palestinian civilians.