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Stories about Middle East & North Africa from January, 2006

Iran: Blogger gets three-year suspended sentence

  20 January 2006

Journalist and blogger Ahmad Reza Shiri (Persian) will have a permanent threat hanging over him as a result of the suspended sentence (used to silence journalists who bother the authorities) of three years in prison handed down by a court in the northern city of Mashhad, Reporters Without Borders said...

Jordan: Jews tourists

  19 January 2006

Jordan Turns Israelis Away For Being Too Jewish? The answer is of course they don’t want Jordanians to identify them as Israeli tourists and “religious” Jews come with symbols; the outer wear. And that will make them stick out like sore thumbs where they would ordinarily pass as European tourists,...

Lebanon: Lebanese can't manage own affairs

  19 January 2006

A day after organizing a protest against alleged foreign meddling in Lebanese affairs, Hizbullah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah told al-Hayat that the cabinet crisis he created proves that it is difficult for the Lebanese to manage their own affairs, Kais said.

Jordan: Human Rights Teaching

  19 January 2006

Inaccurate ‘human rights’ teaching in Jordan's national schools textbooks was reported by a Jordanian National Centre for Human Rights, Sabbah said.

Israel: Tel Aviv sandwich shop explosion

  19 January 2006

Over the last two weeks the Israeli government and media had been doing their best to cover the news of the Jewish families living in Hevron. Today a Palestinian bomber once again blew himself up in a crowd. Islamic Jihad today demonstrated a terror act by dispatching a suicide bomber...

Palestine: Fighting Talk of Elections

  19 January 2006

Laila el-Haddad (Palestinian blogger of Raising Yousuf) is reporting from Gaza on the approaching legislative Palestinian elections, in a series of posts for Guardian Unlimited, Laila described the situation in Gaza last week by being unusually quite adding: “The brief calm also seems to strengthen the argument of those who...

Iran: World Cup & Nuclear

  19 January 2006

Several bloggers such as Khorshid Khanoum (Lady Sun – in Persian) invited Iranians to vote in CNN quick vote concerning Iran & World Cup: Should Iran be banned from soccer's 2006 World Cup over its nuclear activities? Yes or No. So far 70 percent is NO!

The Kurdish Blogs-The 3 Week Update

  18 January 2006

I have been remiss in my duties to you, dear Global Voices readers, in not posting about the Kurdish Blogosphere for three weeks. Today I will try to catch you up in the ongoings of the Kurds in this new year. As to why I missed my articles, let's just...

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Women at Football Stadium?

  18 January 2006

Something interesting might happen tonight in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia is going to play an international football match against Sweden, which pressured Saudis to allow women to attend the match. Sweden is going to play with their reserve team, as most of their stars refused to join the team for this...

Syria: Khaddam chances are?

  18 January 2006

For Khaddam, chances are he is simply too corrupt for other people in the opposition to approach. Should he drastically temper and revise his expectations, he might have a chance of appealing to some. One thing is clear though: he will not be allowed to become the leader of the...

Iran:No War!Peace Please!

  18 January 2006

In Zemestan ( means Winter), blogger shares his feeling about peace and war. He says nothing is more preciouse than life (Persian) and a smile on a child's face. He remembers his experience of war ( Iran-Iraq war) where many young people were killed and their parents suffered. Zemestan adds...

Fatwas and tragedies..in the Moroccan blogs

  18 January 2006

Last week was a very active one in the Moroccan blogosphere and e-debats went on about different subjects, and very interesting ones. The Moroccan bloggers talked, among other subjects, about the hajj’s latest tragedy. They also discussed the recent Fatwa about the necessity of wearing underwears while.. making love! The...

Nuclear Crisis, Sanctions & BBC

  17 January 2006

Iranian nuclear crisis has become a hot story in Media around the world. Several Iranian bloggers inside Iran and out side country, have shared their feelings and fear about sanctions and war. They also show their disappointment concerning international media. Mehrangize Kar, a USA based human right lawyer, writer and...

Saudi Arabia: Why No Cinemas?

  17 January 2006

Why No Cinemas? Some people in Saudi Arabia love to bane things for no reason. The majority of Saudi people here showing that they want a solution for this issue, as it became something reactionary to keep it banned without any rational reason, Ibrahim Owais said.

Egypt: ‘Saturday Night’ Fatwa!

  17 January 2006

“So, Abu Hamza… Lets say that Brits hate Jews, why should I? Because they are Jews? But wait, Abu Hamza. Islam teach us to love everyone, specially and starting with Jews and Christians, as GOD said, they are the closest to us, Muslims. For God sake, where does this crock...

Kuwait: Kuwait in the news

  17 January 2006

Did the production team on Kuwait TV News actually read the articles that appeared in the foreign press about Sheikh Jaber? There they were gushing over the New York Times and The Independent and God knows who else, and practically thanking them for their kind words, almost beaming with pride...

Palestine: Zero Tolerance

  17 January 2006

Despite the Israeli government's claim of a “zero tolerance” policy against settler violence in Hebron, Human Rights Workers report that settlers have continued their violence against Palestinians with almost full impunity in Tel Rumeida, ISM said.

Iran: CNN & Mistranslation!

  17 January 2006

Shiva the spy, a US based blogger, says a CNN journalist mistranslated President Ahmadinejad's words in his recent public address; rather than quoting the leader as saying, “Every country has the right to peaceful nuclear technology,” the translator conveyed the message as, “Every country has the right to nuclear weapons.”...

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: It's the Little Things That Matter

  16 January 2006

News of the blogosphere… Laila from Raising Yousuf reports that the big day of elections is less than two weeks away. She has been recruited by the Guardians Unlimited to write about the elections in a series of posts. From Ramallah Online, in Palestinian village of Al-Walaja people still live...

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