· August, 2012

Stories about Morocco from August, 2012

Morocco: Jail Sentence for Ramadan's Public Eater

  30 August 2012

A court in Rabat has sentenced a young man to serve three months in jail for failing to fast in public during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. “[Individual freedom,] a right we are not likely to see protected anytime soon,” laments Yabiladi [fr], who reports the news.

Morocco: Students Demand Education Reform

  10 August 2012

In July, a group of Moroccan students launched a Facebook page called "The Union of Moroccan Students to Change the Education System". In less than a month, it attracted unprecedented support using social media.

MENA: Bridge Blog for Maghreb and Arab Gulf States

  2 August 2012

A Moroccan-American blogger Samia Errazzouki and a stateless blogger from Kuwait Mona Kareem have joined hands to start a new blog which tackles the stereotypes between the Maghreb (North Africa) and the Gulf. The aim is to start a conversation to bridge differences between them.