· July, 2011

Stories about Morocco from July, 2011

Morocco: A Personal Tale of Protest

  15 July 2011

The Moroccan pro-democracy movement known as February 20, struggles to communicate with the public amid a government-led campaign to discredit it. The movement primarily uses the Internet to explain its position and ideas. But it is the personal account of its own militants that impacts the wider public more starkly. Here is the moving story of one activist, Younes Loukili.

Morocco: Protests Over Reform Continue

  5 July 2011

On Friday Morocco voted in a Constitutional referendum proposed by King Mohammed VI. Official results show an overwhelming support to the reform. Bloggers have been denouncing widespread irregularities.

Morocco: Reform With the Taste of an Unfinished Business

  5 July 2011

Throughout the referendum process, the Moroccan blogosphere was divided over the issue of reform. The heated debate shaking the Moroccan society was reflected in social networks. Some are willing to accept the reform proposed by the King. Others question the legitimacy of a process, they say, was marred with irregularities.

Morocco: A New Constitution Without Much Reform

  1 July 2011

Moroccans went to the polls today to vote on reforms on a new constitution offered by King Mohammed VI. Although praised by many analysts and royalists, the reforms on the table did not live up to the expectations of activists, who were looking for a democracy. Here are some reactions from social media on how the day went.