· June, 2011

Stories about Morocco from June, 2011

Morocco: Pro-Democracy Movement Faces State Repression

  3 June 2011

When earlier this year a small group of Moroccan activists launched a Facebook campaign asking people to demonstrate in the streets, no one could predict that the call would drive a nationwide movement for change. Three months and a dozen marches, sit-ins and rallies later, the Moroccan blogosphere is asking where should the movement go from here and what new strategies to adopt in face of the mounting police repression.

France : Two Moroccan Actresses Turned Away

  1 June 2011

Two Moroccan actresses, invited to the Cannes Film Festival for Leila Kilani's movie “Sur la planche” [On a Plank]” were turned away at Nice airport on Thursday, May 19. They were authorized to return afterwards. In Morocco, blogger kechmania commented [fr] : “In a perfect world, official apologies would have...