· January, 2011

Stories about Morocco from January, 2011

Morocco: The King's Very Private Visit to France

  29 January 2011

According to a Moroccan opposition journalist interviewed by French news website Rue89 [fr] King Mohamed VI of Morocco arrived Thursday in France for a private visit, and is staying in the castle the royal family owns near Paris. A holiday abroad at this time of general unrest in North Africa...

Arab World: New Media and the Egyptian Demonstrations

  27 January 2011

The Arab World is looking in awe at the developments unfolding in Egypt. Today, mainstream media is taking a back seat, while citizen media triumphs. Arab bloggers share their reflections on the protests in Egypt, as witnessed from their computer screens.

Morocco: Fassi Cheese

  12 January 2011

The View From Fez reports that, although historically not a cheese-producing nation, Morocco is now catching up to its European brethren in the cheese-making department.