· October, 2010

Stories about Morocco from October, 2010

Morocco: “Driving to Civility”

  17 October 2010

Moroccan writer and traveler Ahmed T.B. describes his journey in a taxi through the hellish Casablanca traffic as a new and controversial driving code is being put in place.

Morocco: Another Magazine Bites the Dust

  5 October 2010

Morocco's only weekly magazine published in the local Arabic dialect, darija, Nichane is closing shop after a sustained advertising boycott. Bloggers lament the loss of a publication which filled a niche in Morocco's ever-growing publishing industry, covering topics from a point of view usually reserved for the country's many French-language publications.

Morocco: Farewell Nichane

  4 October 2010

Moroccan darija magazine Nichane is closing because of a sustained advertising boycott, reports Issandr El Amrani in The Arabist.