· April, 2009

Stories about Morocco from April, 2009

Morocco: Praising Al Jazeera

  30 April 2009

Cinema and Movies praises Al Jazeera for its excellent documentary on Ahmed el Marzouki, a former prisoner in Tazmamart, and the author of the memoir Tazmamart: Cellule 10.

Morocco: AIDS, Money and Sex Toys

  28 April 2009

Morocco has a reputation of tolerance, and although this is mainly a young and fairly open society there are still instances of prejudices suffered by people infected with HIV/AIDS, and the stigma attached to the disease, writes Hisham, as his country marked a nationwide day of campaigning, information and screening on April 25.

Morocco: Al Quds Al Arabi's 20th Anniversary

  27 April 2009

From Morocco, Cinema and Movies marks the 20th birthday of Arabic language newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi. “In my country, it is sad to hear from time to time that some journalists are given bribes to keep their thoughts hidden.However,there are others just like our modest newspaper, Al qods Al...

Egypt/Morocco: New Technical blogs in Arabic

  22 April 2009

Recently the Arab blogsphere witnessed the launch of two unique Arabic blogs – One by Moroccan blogger Mohamed S. Hjiouij, which focuses on professional blogging; and Techno-Media by Egyptian blogger Mohamed El Gohary, who's also a Global Voices Online Arabic lingua contributor, which specializes in explaining Web2.0 technologies and linking...

Morocco: Faces from Yemen

  22 April 2009

Morocco-based blogger Maryam, of My Marrakesh, visits Yemen and posts pictures of people she met there in this post.

Morocco: Media on Trial

  22 April 2009

‘The Committee to Protect Journalists is reporting that Ali Anouzla and Jamal Boudouma, managing editor and publishing director of the Moroccan newspaper Al-Jarida Al-Oula, have received suspended jail sentences and large fines for “defamation” and “insulting the judiciary,”’ reports Moroccan blogger Laila Lalami.

Morocco: On “Jewish Morocco”

  19 April 2009

Morocco has a long relationship with Judaism; during the spread of the Roman empire, a number of Jews settled in what is modern-day Morocco. Over time, relations between Morocco's majority Muslim population and its small Jewish population have ranged from very good to heavily strained. Following the creation of the state of Israel, the vast majority of Morocco's Jews emigrated (approximately 15% of Israeli Jews are in fact of Moroccan descent), however, approximately 7,000 Jews reside in Morocco today. Moroccans are often quick to point out that the king's top adviser, André Azoulay, is Jewish.

Morocco: Transport Strikes Leaves Morocco Crippled

  17 April 2009

Over the past week, a taxi strike across Morocco has left the country nearly immobile. Although Morocco has a decent train system and network of buses, many Moroccans - particularly in rural areas - rely on grande taxis to get from town to town, or to larger towns where they can then catch a bus. Peace Corps volunteers, who make up a large segment of English language blogs from Morocco, were particularly affected, as many of them live in towns that are not accessible by bus.

Algeria: Bouteflika Takes On Third Term

  14 April 2009

On Friday, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika was elected for a third term in office, extending his already ten-year tenure. Along with former Prime Minister Abdelaziz Belkhadem, Bouteflika changed the constitution to remove the presidential term limit, a revision that was approved by the Council of Ministers in November 2008. According...

Morocco: Crossed Loyalties

  14 April 2009

Ibn Kafka remarks [fr] on the fact that, despite long-term disagreements between the two nations, the monarch of Morocco sent a congratulatory telegram to re-elected Algerian president Bouteflika.

Morocco: Discovering Jewish Morocco

  14 April 2009

Jewish Morocco is a blog in which a traveler to Morocco is tracking his experiences with Jewish sites and Morocco's few Jewish people. The blogger recently traveled to the east of the country for Passover.

Morocco: A New Green Party

  14 April 2009

The View From Fez announces that a new green party, called the Environment and Sustainable Development Party (Le Parti de l'Environnement et du Développement Durable), has been formed recently in Morocco.

Morocco: A Different World

  7 April 2009

Peace Corps volunteer Duncan of Duncan Goes to Morocco shares his experiences in the big city of Fez and contrasts it with his life in rural Morocco.

Morocco: Secret Son

  7 April 2009

A Moroccan About the World Around Him praises fellow Moroccan blogger Laila Lalami‘s first book, Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits, and encourages readers to seek out her latest, Secret Son.