· February, 2009

Stories about Morocco from February, 2009

Morocco: Simply Delicious

  26 February 2009

This week, the talk in the blogoma seems to be about all things edible. Moroccan cuisine, widely considered one of the most complex and best in the world, is derived from Arab, Spanish, Turkish, Jewish, and native Amazigh culinary traditions and is well-known for its use of vegetables and spices....

Morocco: On HIV/AIDS

  23 February 2009

Duncan, a Peace Corps Volunteer, discusses the small but growing problem of HIV/AIDS in Morocco.

Morocco: On Sex

  23 February 2009

Abdelilah Boukili ponders the preaching of abstinence, and sex in general, in this provocative and meaningful post.

Global: Convoy to Gaza Makes History

  23 February 2009

History was made yesterday in the Maghreb as a convoy headed from the UK to Gaza was allowed to pass through the border between Morocco and Algeria, which has been closed for nearly 15 years. The border closed in 1994 after Morocco suspected Algerian involvement in the attack of a Marrakesh hotel.

Morocco: Algeria Border Opened for Gaza Aid Convoy

  23 February 2009

“For over fifteen years the the border between Morocco and Algeria has been closed and in a welcome development has been opened to allow passage for an aid convoy heading towards the Gaza Strip,” reports The View from Fez.

Maghreb: UN Western Sahara Envoy Holds Talks with Polisario

  22 February 2009

Yesterday, Christopher Ross, the UN Special Envoy to the disputed Western Sahara, arrived in Algeria to hold talks with the Polisario Front, according to AFP. Jillian York rounds up blogger reactions from the Maghreb region on this latest development.

Arab World: Mourning Tayeb Salih

  21 February 2009

The Arab literary world is mourning the death of Sudanese novelist Al Tayeb Salih. The 80-year-old writer, who died in London, was best known for his novel Season of Migration to the North, which was selected by the Damascus-based Arab Literary Academy as the most important Arab novel of the 20th century. Al Tayeb was buried in Om Durman, Sudan, in a state ceremony, attended by the Sudanese president Omar Al Bashir.

Morocco: The Cinema Scene

  10 February 2009

The cinema scene in Morocco resembles that in Gaza, says Moroccan blogger Allal El Alaoui, who remarks: “Poor cinema in Morocco.It is targetted by everyone and eveywhere.First,and sadly speaking;majority of cinema-theatres are closed because of the mediocrity of films introduced..”

Morocco: And The Winners Are…

  9 February 2009

The second annual edition of the Maroc Blog Awards were held in Casablanca on January 31. The awards honor the best Moroccan bloggers (as well as bloggers whose primary blog topic is Morocco) in 13 categories. Jillian York reports on the event.

Morocco: Quran Controversy on the Way

  6 February 2009

Jillian warns us about a new controversy which could rock Morocco once the new issue of popular Moroccan weekly TelQuel hits the streets. The issue's cover story is entitled “Le Coran: Est-il vraiment applicable ‘en tout temps et en tout lieu?'” (or “The Qur'an: is it really applicable ‘at all...