· November, 2008

Stories about Morocco from November, 2008

Congratulations Pour in on Queen Rania's Youtube Award

  26 November 2008

Bloggers from across the Middle East and North Africa are tipping their hats to Jordan's Queen Rania, and her visionary initiative on YouTube, after she was awarded YouTube's first-ever Visionary Award for launching an interactive online channel to combat stereotypes and misconceptions associated with Arabs and Muslims.

Morocco: Thriving On Fear

  11 November 2008

A Moroccan About the World Around Him writes about the recent case of Yassine Belassal, the teenager who modified Morocco's motto (God, Country, King) to idolize his favorite soccer team, FC Barcelona.

Morocco: Silenced Speech

  9 November 2008

Allal El Alaoui remarks upon the recent ruling that required Moroccan magazine Al Massae‘s editor, Rachid Nini, to pay off a fine of 6 million dirhams.

World: Yahoo and striptease dance!

  8 November 2008

M.S. Hijiouji is a Moroccan blogger who is interested in new technology. In his last blog post, he discusses the last offers to sell Yahoo via Microsoft, Google or AOL, as translated from the original Arabic by Global Voices' Lasto Adri.

Morocco: Viewing the U.S. Elections

  3 November 2008

On the eve of the U.S. elections, the world is atwitter - and Morocco is no exception. Bloggers based in Morocco - both Moroccan natives and foreign residents - are musing over potential election outcomes. While Morocco is also no exception to the world's preference for Obama, bloggers have a lot more to say than "Yes we can!" Jillian C. York gives us a glimpse into this North African nation.

Morocco: French Weekly Banned

  3 November 2008

A Moro in America reports that L'Express International, a popular French weekly magazine, has been banned in Morocco following alleged “blasphemy against Islam's prophet.”