· September, 2008

Stories about Morocco from September, 2008

Arabeyes: Snapshots of Eid

  30 September 2008

It's Eid today, or tomorrow. Eid Al Fitr is a celebration which marks the end of the Muslim month of Ramadhan, and here are a few reactions on the occasion from around the Arab world.

Morocco: Rural Women

  28 September 2008

Peace Corps volunteer Duncan Goes to Morocco explains what life is like for women in the rural community where he lives.

Morocco: Schools Closing

  28 September 2008

The View from Fez reports that the Moroccan government plans to shut down 60 Qur'anic schools around the country, all of which are associated with Sheikh Mohamed Ben Abderrahman Al-Maghraoui, who earlier this month decreed that the marriage of nine-year-old girls was permissible. His declaration is an affront to Morocco's...

Saudi Arabia: Why Should Arabs Have Access to the Internet?

  20 September 2008

For days, cyberactivists have been busy discussing the case of Moroccan blogger Mohammed Erraji, who was arrested, put on trial, sentenced - and then freed, and then put on trial again and finally acquitted. Who is Mohammed Erraji? Why did he cross 'red lines' knowing well that in many countries in the Middle East criticising members of the vast Ruling families is very likely to result in repercussions and punishment? Saudi blogger Fouad Al Farhan, who recently found himself behind bars for his writings in Saudi Arabia, visits Erraji's blog looking for answers.

Moroccan Blogger Mohammed Erraji Acquitted

  19 September 2008

The Blogoma, or Moroccan blogosphere, was buzzing today over news of Moroccan blogger Mohammed Erraji's acquittal. Erraji was arrested last week for writing that the king's charity toward his people encourages them to remain helpless rather than work hard.

Morocco: Training Online Journalists

  17 September 2008

The View from Fez [en/fr] notes that Morocco will soon provide online journalism training for its print journalists. The trainings are supported by the U.S. Embassy and financed by the “Partnership Initiative with the Middle East” (MEPI). Moroccan blogger and journalist Rachid Jankari will lead the trainings.

Moroccan Bloggers Strike for Erraji

  17 September 2008

When Moroccan blogger Mohammed Erraji was arrested last week, the blogoma's thoughts turned immediately to the case of Fouad Mourtada, the young man arrested earlier this year for impersonating Prince Moulay Rachid on Facebook. And just as they did when Mourtada faced imprisonment, Moroccan bloggers mobilized to support Erraji.

Morocco: Police Officer Shot by Member of Royal Family

  13 September 2008

After months of relative quiet in the Moroccan blogosphere, two incidents have everyone talking. One, of course, is the recent case of Mohammed Erraji. The other is the recent news that a police officer has been shot by a distant member of the royal family. The bloggers tell the story…

Morocco: The Cost of Ideas

  10 September 2008

A Moroccan About the World Around Him ponders the cost of ideas, and attempts to explain why Mohammed Raji was given a hand of such swift (in)justice.

Morocco: Understanding Mohammed Raji's Sentence

  9 September 2008

Less than a year ago, Global Voices noted Morocco as the “liveliest free speech zone in Muslim North Africa.” And yet, journalists are all too frequently fined or arrested, and yesterday a blogger, Mohammed Raji, joined their ranks. The blogger was arrested yesterday afternoon for insulting the king, and was immediately tried and sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of MAD 5,000 (about $625). The Moroccan blogosphere, lively as ever, has rallied around Raji.

Morocco: Free Speech Disrespected

  9 September 2008

“Unfortunately, the Moroccan government has proved its disrespect for free speech by arresting a young blogger on Friday, the 5th of September, simply for publishing an article critical of one of the King’s policies,” according to Mideast Youth.

Morocco: Blogger Arrested, Sentenced Immediately

  8 September 2008

This morning, it was reported by the electronic news site Hespress [ar] that blogger Mohammed Raji was arrested in his home in Agadir. An article that Raji had posted on Hespress [ar] is said to be the source of the conflict, though neither that fact nor Raji's arrest have been...

Chrome Welcomed with Accolades and Controversy in the Middle East

  4 September 2008

On Tuesday, Google joined the browser game by launching its very own browser, Chrome, to positive accolades and a bit of controversy. The free browser, which is currently only available for Windows, caused not only a media storm, but a blog storm as well, from nearly every corner of the globe. The Middle East and North African blogosphere, always quick to react to big stories, immediately began buzzing about Chrome yesterday, and haven't stopped since.

Morocco: Welcoming Ramadan

  2 September 2008

Ramadan comes but once a year, and Moroccan bloggers are gearing up for the month ahead by sharing recipes, photos, and their thoughts on Morocco's imams spotting the moon a day later than most of the world.

Morocco: Extraordinary Rendition

  1 September 2008

Al Miraat/The Moroccan Mirror reports on the status of Binyam Mohamed, currently detained at Guantánamo Bay, and expresses disgust with Morocco's role in Mohamed's rendition, saying, “I'm speechless and abhorred by the Moroccan authorities’ attitude, abasing themselves to a despicable executor of America's dirty business.”