· May, 2008

Stories about Morocco from May, 2008

Morocco: Campaign to Support the Unemployed

  27 May 2008

The Moroccan Bloggers Association has launched a campaign [Ar] draw attention to the atrocities and harsh treatment jobless Moroccan graduates with higher degrees are being subjected to when they protest for jobs.

Morocco: Calculators are to Blame

  27 May 2008

Moroccan blogger Essam Aissam [Ar] writes about the educational systems and grades students get in Morocco and Egypt. He concludes that graduates from his country could fare worse than their Egyptian counterparts, who failed miserably in entry exams for jobs in a casino. Aissam blames calculators for the inability of...

Blogger of the Week: Jillian York

  18 May 2008

Today's Blogger of the Week celebrates the work of Jillian C York, our Morocco author, and a regular contributor to Voices without Votes. A freelance writer, blogger, and author of a guidebook to Morocco, Jillian currently lives in Boston, US, after spending two memorable years in Meknes, Morocco.

Morocco: Iraq's Palestine Hotel was on Hit List

  15 May 2008

“This revelation should only come as a surprise to those who slept through the early days of the American invasion of Iraq: An army whistleblower has revealed that the Palestine Hotel, where journalists were stationed in the spring of April 2003, was on an Army target list,” writes Moroccan Laila...

Morocco: Living with AIDS

  15 May 2008

Moroccan blogger M S Hjiouij [Ar] writes about Aids, stereotypes and facts in this article entitled Living with AIDS.

Morocco, Israel, and Palestine: A Unique History

  13 May 2008

Since the Nakba and Israel's claim of independence 60 years ago, Israel and Morocco have had an interesting relationship. Prior to the creation of an Israeli state, Morocco had a large, if not thriving, Jewish population. Here's what a few Moroccan bloggers have to say on this, the 60th anniversary of Israeli independence.

Morocco: Rage and sadness at this weekend's Casablanca factory fires

  2 May 2008

This weekend saw two deadly fires, one in a mattress and another in a textile factory, break out in Morocco's economic capital, Casablanca. Dozens of people died from asphyxia after being locked into their workplace by employers. The Moroccan blogosphere responds with questions and expressions of anger and sadness.