· November, 2007

Stories about Morocco from November, 2007

Morocco: Di Caprio in the Medina

  28 November 2007

Leonardo Di Caprio is taking a break from shooting Ridley Scott's upcoming movie “Body of Lies” to kick a soccer ball around on a Rabat's beach and stroll through the old medina (city), writes Moroccan blogger Adilski, who posts pictures too.

Morocco: Women's Stories from Around the Globe

  23 November 2007

This week, Moroccan bloggers share their interest in issues affecting Muslim women around the world. From the treatment of gynecologists in Iraq to new workforce development initiatives in Morocco to rape sentencing in Saudi Arabia, Jillian York has the story.

Morocco: Trampling Marakkesh

  18 November 2007

Marakkesh is regaining its days of glory as the Mecca of tourists. With new mentions in international media, what do Moroccan bloggers have to say about the influx of tourists into their country? Here are the views from two of Morocco's louder bloggers.

Morocco: Local Hip Hop Goes International

  6 November 2007

This week, the hype in the Moroccan blogosphere is all about the launch of a new documentary - both at home and abroad - about Morocco's burgeoning hip hop scene. Jillian York lets us in on what the Moroccan blogosphere has to say about it.

Syria: Moroccan/Spanish Dispute

  6 November 2007

“So Morocco is angry with the visit of the Spanish king to Ceuta and Mellila eh? Perhaps they expect the Spaniards to withdraw from them if they ask nicely enough one day…” writes Syrian blogger Wassim.