· September, 2007

Stories about Morocco from September, 2007

Morocco: Berbers can be blonde

  30 September 2007

Major media outlets and bloggers went into a frenzy a few days ago when a blurry photograph taken by a Spanish tourist in Morocco's Rif mountain region showed a small blonde girl bearing a strong resemblance to missing British child Madeleine McCann perched on the back of a Moroccan woman. As it turns out, the photo was not of Maddie but of a 2-year-old Moroccan girl. What do Moroccans think of this matter? Jillian York has the story.

Morocco: Morocco Welcomes New Prime Minister

  22 September 2007

Following the September 7 elections, Moroccan King Mohammed VI appointed a new prime minister, Abbas el-Fassi, to replace Driss Jettou, who had served in that position since 2002. El-Fassi, who may be best known for a failed business operation involving an Emirati cruise ship (which left many hopeless young men vying for jobs and lead a few to commit suicide), is a member of the winning Istiqlal (Independence) party. Read how the Moroccan blogopshere reacted in this post by Jillian York.

Morocco: The King of the Poor?

  17 September 2007

Moroccans love their king - but do they love his daily budget? And what's going on during Ramadan? Jillian York has this week's update on the Moroccan blogosphere.

Morocco: Low Voter Turnout

  10 September 2007

The September 7 Moroccan legislative elections brought surprising results...and surprisingly low voter turnout. What do Moroccan bloggers think about the winning party? Jillian York has the story.

Morocco: Bus Accident

  8 September 2007

Blogger Cory, who is based in Morocco, writes about an accident involving a bus he was riding on from Rabat. He writes: “(T)he awesome part was, the van tipped over on its side because the bus just kind of pushed it over. the really awesome part was, the bus didn't...

Morocco: No Need for Voting

  7 September 2007

Felix, from Morocco Times, is dismayed that some Moroccans living abroad don't feel the need to take part in their country's elections.

Morocco election photoblog lets voters talk politics with pictures

  7 September 2007

Millions of Moroccans headed to the polls today to take part in a political process many lament will only offer the Moroccan people more of the same. So if voters aren't particularly enthused, who could blame them? It's Morocco's eighth parliamentary elections since 1960, but as Amazigh Blog (fr) wrote...

Arabeyes: Countdown to Ramadhan

  5 September 2007

Ramadhan is a holy month in the Muslim calendar and it is celebrated in all Muslim countries, culminating with a feast or Eid after four weeks of fasting. Muslims are expected to stop eating and drinking, as well as refrain from sex and any 'impure' thoughts, from sunrise to sunset during this month. How are bloggers preparing for this month? Amira Al Hussaini tours Arab blogs to find out.

Moroccan Kitchen Launched

  4 September 2007

Moroccan chefs Samira and Sabah have started a new blog – Moroccan Kitchen, in which they provide recipes for Moroccan cuisine.