· August, 2007

Stories about Morocco from August, 2007

Morocco: Cheap Chinese Plastic

  31 August 2007

Everything Morocco questions why there's so many cheap plastic products “made in China” being sold in the traditional artisan souks of Fez.

Morocco: The Death of Butcher Basri

  29 August 2007

Driss Basri, one of Morocco's most powerful figures during the past 50 years, has died in Paris at age 69. Jillian York brings us the latest reactions from Moroccan bloggers writing in Arabic, French and English.

Morocco: The iPhone unlocked?

  29 August 2007

A Moro in America reports that the iPhone has been unlocked, adding: “I am sure the iPhone will be the next 3ya9a gadget in Morocco :)”

Morocco: Casablanca in August

  29 August 2007

Marc Daniel gives a picturesque description of Casablanca in August. He notes that beaches are always full at that time of the year and that surprisingly women and men are both wearing swim suits. Keep in mind, he says, that sports clubs are still men or women only (Fr).

Morocco: Peace Corps Bloggers Part 2

  25 August 2007

Due to the overwhelming response of last week's Introduction to Peace Corps Bloggers, Jillian York continues the series this week, showing you more bloggers - and more photos - from the Peace Corps.

African writers criticize Sarkozy in open letter

  21 August 2007

Jean-Luc Raharimanana, a Malagasy writer famous for his influential works on French colonialism, recently authored an open letter to French president Nicolas Sarkozy in response to the now infamous message to Africa and Africans he delivered in Dakar, Senegal. Nearly a month has passed since Sarkozy's speech, but its effects...

Morocco: An Introduction to Peace Corps Bloggers

  19 August 2007

Morocco is home to a rather diverse group of English-language bloggers, as I'm sure you have observed. While many are native Moroccans utilizing their English skills and still others are expatriate teachers or workers, there is another unique group obvious from the tagline which their organization requires they post on their blogs: "Any written message or photo provided on this blog site does not represent the views or opinions of the U.S. Peace Corps or any other institution."

Morocco: Journalist Jailed

  16 August 2007

A Moroccan court yesterday sentenced Mustapha Hormat Allah, a journalist for Al-Watan al-An to eight months in prison for reporting on leaked documents explaining the “state of alert” in Morocco, reports Elijah Zarwan.

Morocco: Tourism Dive

  7 August 2007

The number of tourists is dropping in Morocco because of security threats, writes The View from Fez.