· June, 2007

Stories about Morocco from June, 2007

Morocco: 72-year-old Activist Jailed for Supporting Prisoners

  27 June 2007

Moroccan authorities just jailed 72-year-old activist Mohamed Bougrine for supporting prisoners who had been jailed for “attacking values in the Islamic kingdom”, according to this Middle East Online article. The Morocco Report writes: “So wait a minute. This guy, Bougrine, who had been to jail before during the days of...

Morocco: English Speakers

  26 June 2007

In the confusion of speaking different languages, are English language speakers losing their edge? Felix from Morocco has more here.

Morocco: GV Author Addresses Youth Conference

  25 June 2007

Morocco author Jillian York addressed a youth conference, organised by DABA, in conjunction with the National Democratic Institute's Morocco branch. The three-day event, which aimed at reevaluating political involvement in Morocco in the run-up to the 2007 legislative elections, also focused on building the capacity of young opinion leaders in citizen journalism skills, with an online emphasis in order to increase dialogue about issues of concern to youth.

Morocco: Hajj or Vodka

  13 June 2007

Moroccan Laila Lalami posts a clipping of a news article on a Hajj lottery, placed next to a Vodka ad. Muslims are prohibited from drinking alcohol.

The Great Walls

  13 June 2007

Walls are continuing to spring up around the world, writes guest blogger Sokari on Sabbah's Blog, who discusses new and old walls which separate Iran from Pakistan, India from Pakistan, Palestine from Israel, Morocco from the Polisario front, the Spanish enclaves from the rest of Morocco and certain neighbourhoods of...

Morocco: A Photo Tour

  10 June 2007

Ask any photographer - Morocco is known as one of the world's most photogenic spots. This week's post by Jillian York showcases photographs from all over the country - from the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music to the gorgeous gorges of the Dades Valley.

Francophone Morocco: Blogging for the Maghreb Arab Union

  4 June 2007

June 1 has been designated the day to blog for the Maghreb Union - Bloggers across the Maghreb have tackled the subject, posting videos, photos, and their opinions, and Moroccan bloggers are no exception. Hamza Daoui takes us on a journey through the Francophone blogoma to see what people are saying.

Morocco: US-Iran Hostage Crisis Relived

  1 June 2007

“The Iranian government has arrested and jailed a fourth person with dual Iranian and American citizenships. His name is Ali Shakeri and he is a California businessman and founding member of UCI's Center for Citizen Peacebuilding. I am starting to put more credence in the theory that is floating around,...

Is Ryanair's website blocked in Morocco?

  1 June 2007

This morning, MoTIC has posted that the websites of Ryanair, a popular low-cost airline which recently began offering flights to Morocco, has been blocked. Une partie de la censure de Maroc Telecom se fait pour des raisons économiques pour défendre ses propres produits (comme la téléphonie longue distance en bloquant...