· April, 2007

Stories about Morocco from April, 2007

The French Presidential Election: A View From Outside the Metropole

  26 April 2007

This weekend, more than 60 million French cast their ballots in the first round of the French presidential election, narrowing the list of candidates to two: conservative UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist Party candidate Segolene Royal. Both face a run-off vote on May 6th. In the five years since...

The Moroccan blogosphere reacts to the Virginia Tech massacre

  19 April 2007

These past few days, the world's eyes have been turned toward the Virginia Tech massacre; the Moroccan blogosphere in particular notes the connection that Fox News has tried to make between Islam and the Virginia Tech gunman. Bo18, a blogger of the Moroccan diaspora, says, “You could've guessed it. Fox...

Blogger in Morocco surmises on causes for recent bombings

  19 April 2007

Everything Morocco reports on local reactions to the Casablanca bombings last Saturday in an article entitled “Is Morocco Still Safe?” “To get right to the point, the root of the problem is poverty with all of its accompanying desperation and hopelessness. When there are high-rise apartments overlooking shanty towns and...

Morocco: Bloggers talk about the soul of Morocco and recent bombings

  15 April 2007

Thanks to a New York Times article entitled “The Soul of Morocco”, the Moroccan blogosphere is busy debating the truth in this statement. Fez, a city of approximately 1 million, is known as Morocco's most refined city. As the home of the Qarouyine University, one of the world's oldest and...

Morocco: Prisoner's Pardoned

  3 April 2007

A total of 710 prisoners were pardoned in Morocco on the occasion of Prophet Mohammed's birthday, according to Sandy, who gives us a View From Fez.