· December, 2006

Stories about Morocco from December, 2006

The Blogoma backs Nichane while the major Moroccan Media ignore it

  28 December 2006

Morocco is celebrating Eid ul Adha next Sunday, so Merry Eid from the Moroccan Blogosphere(Blogoma). Let's joke about…Baby! The controversy over Nichane continues its escalation. Actually, and according to Farid it's virtually escalating since only the Moroccan blogs are concerned whith no major Media support(Fr). The view from Fez writes...

Arabisc: Moroccan Authorities Lack Humour, says Blogger

  21 December 2006

In Morocco, a newspaper is being sued for publishing an article on jokes which Moroccans enjoy. Blogger Hjiouij thinks its not discussing religious issues that the authorities object to in print but rather any attempt to ridicule Moroccan King Mohammed the Fifth. قبل دقائق خمس أعلنت التلفزة الرسمية أن الوزير...

Freedom of speech and music celebrations in the Moroccan Blogosphere

  20 December 2006

Many different subjects were in the spotlight last week, in the Moroccan blogosphere. I'll start with Farid and his interesting numbers (Fr) about blogging in Morocco. Then comes Reda who found out, thanks to Shimon Peres, that there is a connection between laziness and Islam(Fr). The European Union is a...

The week that was in The Moroccan Blogosphere

  6 December 2006

Marrakech celebrates the stars The red city of Morocco looks more beautiful with all the glamorous actors taking part in its sixth edition of the International Film Festival. The very good Laila Lalami posts about the event and points a very interesting statement said by Mohammed Majd a Moroccan actor...