· September, 2006

Stories about Morocco from September, 2006

Morocco: 5000 micro companies

  25 September 2006

Samir says that the Moroccan Minister of the Social Development, Family and Solidarity, has come up with an innovative plan that addresses both needs of unemployed and handicapped people who need work and communication technology. One of the projects is to create 5,000 small companies providing moving “publiphones” on behalf...

Five years on from 9/11, the world remembers

  12 September 2006

The mainstream media in many countries have been preoccupied with events in the United States to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on 9/11 2001. But the repercussions of these events have spread across the globe and people far beyond New York...

Morocco: Blogs on the increase in Morocco

  12 September 2006

Samir reports that a growing number of Moroccan Internet surfers have become bloggers this year due to cheaper Internet access, the general availability of ADSL and the launch of a number of local blog platforms. Current developments in the already diverse Moroccan blogosphere include the creation of an Arabic-language blog...

Morocco: To the victims…all over the world

  11 September 2006

Foulla prayer: “To those who died for no reason To those who lived and still live through the pain To the victims of hatred, injustice and tons melted steel not just under the sunny skies of New York, but also the sunny skies over Darfour, Baghdad, Ghaza, Madrid, Amman, Kabul,...