· June, 2006

Stories about Morocco from June, 2006

Global Food Blog Report #22

  29 June 2006

#1: Klephblog, no doubt over-caffeinated,  writes "How Coffee changed the Modern World," a great essay about this fruit of the Gods: This wondrous plant is a native of the new world and was sprung on an unsuspecting European public as these shores became colonized in the 15th century. By the...

Morocco: Essaouira Gnawa Music Festival

  27 June 2006

Samir talks about the huge success of Essaouira Gnawa and world music festival. He said: “Once again Essaouira has turned on a world class music festival. More than 500.000 people attended between June 22 through 25. Last year's record of 450.000 was easily beaten.”

Morocco: Abolition of death penalty in Morocco

  19 June 2006

In Morocco, abolition of the death penalty is backed by NGOs such as the Association of Moroccan Bars, the Moroccan Association of Human Rights, the Moroccan Organisation of Human Rights, the Moroccan Forum of Truth and Justice, Amnesty Morocco, and the Moroccan Observatory of Prisons. The NGOs formed a national...

Arabisc: The Arabic Bloggers Ken, Media, Anti-Blogging and the World Cup

  16 June 2006

Blogging nightmare… Starting with hot news this week, it looks that the Egyptian blogsphere is going to have more hard time in the near future. Following Aljazeera's one hour TV documentary (Arabic) about blogging and its role in the political scene in the Egyptian street, one of the oldest, biggest...

Morocco: Please Respect Local Culture

  5 June 2006

Behind the scenes at the Fes Festival there are several little issues that need clearing up. One is the dress code acceptable in Morocco. For a start the Moroccan people are far to polite to say anything … but plunging necklines and short skirts are as welcome as motorbikes in...