· February, 2006

Stories about Morocco from February, 2006

Valentine and the U2 in the Moroccan blogs

15 February 2006

No political posts in the Moroccan blogosphere last week, or at least very rare. It seems the Moroccan bloggers opted for lighter subjects, in order to mark a pause, after the very political week dominated by the Danish cartoons. Bono in Morocco Supertimba is in the United States on assignment....

The Danish cartoons dominate the Moroccan blogs

8 February 2006

As predictable, the Moroccan blogosphere reacted last week to the drawings of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and while some bloggers condemned the Danish cartoonist , others found the reactions in some Muslim countries over exagerated. Calm heads are needed Samir author of the very elegant The view from Fez regrets...

Arab Bloggers Take on Danish Cartoons

  6 February 2006

As the debate rages on over the publication of controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, Arab bloggers are reacting with their own take on the events that have unfolded over the past few days. Early on Jyllands-Posten stated that the cartoons were a test of...

Laicity and Football deception in the Moroccan Blogs

1 February 2006

Last Monday was the first day of the new Hegire year 1427 and the Moroccan Blogsphere wished Muslims all over the world a happy new year (French). Soumiaz author of Imta , started an e-discussion with foulla‘s Refusenik about Islam and laicity . While most of the Moroccan bloggers posted...