· October, 2011

Stories about Libya from October, 2011

Libya: A Convenient Execution

  24 October 2011

Alain Gresh outlines in his post on Libya, “An Ambiguous Liberation” [fr], that Gaddafi's execution “puts an end to the possibility of a trial that would have shone light on the support given to Gaddafi by different countries, including France and Great Britain, since 2003.”

South Asia: Reactions on the New Beginning of Libya

  21 October 2011

After the death of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, people from all over the world are expressing their views on his reign, the way he died and the new beginning it promises to Libya. South Asian bloggers also were quick to express their opinions.

Iran: Be Scared, Dictator – Gaddafi is Dead

  20 October 2011

Several Iranian bloggers joined Libyans in celebration on Thursday, after longtime Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi was killed. Some bloggers longed for the end of dictatorship in Iran, as they shared in Libyan joy for a liberated country.

Libya: The Truth About Gaddafi's Death

  20 October 2011

Libya has broken out in celebration after Gaddafi's stronghold Sirte fell and the man himself was either captured and killed or killed and captured. On Twitter, journalists and pundits have tried to reconstruct his death circumstances.

Libya: Celebrations as Gaddafi Confirmed Dead

  20 October 2011

Libyan dictator Muammar Al Gaddafi is finally dead. After hundreds of thousands of tweets and guess work between news of him being captured, wounded, killed, or all three together, we finally have a confirmation from the Libyan ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) that he really is dead.

Libya: Unconfirmed News of Gaddafi's Capture

  20 October 2011

Happy news has been coming out of Libya in the last few minutes, leaving Libyan and Arab tweeps rejoicing, albeit with caution, at the new developments. Rumour has it that Libyan dictator Muammar Al Gaddafi has been captured. Here are the first reactions.