· September, 2008

Stories about Libya from September, 2008

Arabeyes: Ramadan Thoughts

  17 September 2008

With the holy month of Ramadan quickly wrapping up, bloggers from around the Arab world share their thoughts on the month, their activities, driving standards and their yearning for a holiday. Following are some reactions from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Libya.

Libya: Rice, Oil, Gas and Foreign Investment

  6 September 2008

US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice arrived in Libya today, where she will be meeting with Libyan leader Muammar Al Gaddafi, who was once described by President Ronald Reagan as "the man dog in the Middle East." The visit, the first by a US Secretary of State in more than 50 years, was welcomed by one blogger, but raised questions among others.

Libya: Five Years of Blogging

  5 September 2008

“Though I've been on blogs since August 2003 it was only in September that I made my first post.. it's been five whole years full of laughter, tears and tough but useful learning processes. It has also been five Ramadans,” writes The Highlander from Libya.

Jordan: Libya's King of Kings

  1 September 2008

Libyan leader Colonel Muammer Al Gaddafi has been crowned as Africa's King of Kings. From Jordan, Naseem Tarawnah asks: I’m not sure how “king of kings” is going to fit in with his official title of “Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab...