· March, 2008

Stories about Libya from March, 2008

Libya: Wedding Blues

  28 March 2008

“Libyan weddings are BORING. They are all the same – the same food is served, the same music is played, the brides all look the same. BORING… sigh,” writes Khadija Teri, who had to attend two ceremonies.

Libya: What makes you love Libya?

  28 March 2008

Libyan A. Adam posts a photograph of a palm tree in the desert and asks: “this is Libya just like a palm tree in the desert. just one question for libyan people like me, what makes u love Libya???”

Libya: Lots of Kittens

  13 March 2008

“We've been having kittens. Anbah had three kittens and then disappeared. We're not sure what happened to her and we hope she comes back,” writes Khadija Teri, from Libya.

Libyan Documentary

  11 March 2008

AngloLibyan links to a documentary shot in Libya by The Travel Channel. The film features a trip from Leptis Magna to Tripoli, Ghdames then all the way down south to the Akakas mountains trying to find out about the history of the Roman Chariots in Libya.