· November, 2007

Stories about Libya from November, 2007

Libya: New Boyfriend

  13 November 2007

From Libya, Khadija Teri humours us with a story about her new boyfriend Mark Read. Read all about it here.

Libya:Poor immigrants

  9 November 2007

Mr.Behi, an Iranian blogger, writes about difficult conditions of illegal immigrants in Libya.He says that there is a man from Burkina Faso and speaks three languages (French, English and Arabic) but he washes cars for only five Libyan dinars!

Africa: Managing the Brain Drain

  8 November 2007

Brain drain in Africa is not a problem but a symptom, writes Omodudu: “I now know that African think tanks are gathered in Libya trying to tackle the ‘The Brain Drain Issue’ (Would definitely work for a movie title). I am glad that the word ‘managed’ is used and not...