· June, 2007

Stories about Libya from June, 2007

Libya: Blogger Back in Action

  29 June 2007

Libyan blogger Highlander announces her come back after being AWOL for a while. She also gives us a few sneak previews of what was happening on her blogosphere.

Libya: Wedding Bells

  12 June 2007

Libyan blogger Khadija Teri attended a wedding and gives us a sneak preview of what was on offer here. “I survived the wedding.. it was actually kind of nice because my friend asked that the music not be so loud and for the most part you could actually have a...

Touring Libyan Blogs: Is the Arabic Language Dead?

  12 June 2007

Libyan bloggers mourn the death of the Arabic language as more Libyans resort to blogging in English. What makes them blog in a language other than their mother tongue? What do they think of the phenomena? And what is the relationship between language, religion, globalisation and terrorism? Fozia Mohamed summarises the raging debate going on in her blogosphere here.

Arabeyes: Greedy Doctors, Cheating Spouses and Parliamentary Scuffles

  11 June 2007

Today's translation of Arabic blogs makes five stops: one each in Libya, Tunisia and Kuwait and two stops in Egypt to give us a gist of what some of the bloggers are writing about. Issues being discussed include how doctors put money before their patients' interests; cheating spouses; why Arabs are not progressing and the latest on why the Kuwaiti Parliament is in a shambles.

Libya: Blogger's Son in Accident

  11 June 2007

“I hadn't seen Trabilsia, who has the blog Tripoli Ghibli online for a while and was wondering what was up. Finally got hold of her and found out that her son Tarek was in a serious car accident last Friday. He was in ICU for 2 days but is stable...

Touring Libyan Blogs: The Bloggers who have Gone AWOL

  5 June 2007

While exams continue to disrupt a little the Libyan blogosphere both locally and overseas this week's post is dedicated to those Libyan bloggers who are 'absent without leave', we don't know why they stopped blogging and we miss them very much. I'm sure most Libyan bloggers would join their voices to mine and ask them to come back or at least update us, writes Fozia Mohamed.

Francophone Morocco: Blogging for the Maghreb Arab Union

  4 June 2007

June 1 has been designated the day to blog for the Maghreb Union - Bloggers across the Maghreb have tackled the subject, posting videos, photos, and their opinions, and Moroccan bloggers are no exception. Hamza Daoui takes us on a journey through the Francophone blogoma to see what people are saying.