· May, 2007

Stories about Libya from May, 2007

Libya: Blair in Tripoli

  30 May 2007

“British prime minister is touring Africa before leaving his office and we got a glimpse of his visit to Tripoli. His visit brought a very tight security to the city. Our backyard parking area is cleared by the police and there were checkpoints all around our street,” writes Iranian Mr...

Libya: On Women's Attire

  22 May 2007

Writing from Tripoli, Libya, Iranian blogger Mrs Behi says: “Here in Libya I haven’t seen a couple walking in the street hand in hand. It seems to me as if taking this simple act of closeness feels very strange to them! And also you can rarely see any woman at...

Jordan: Arab Media Watchdog

  17 May 2007

Jordanian blogger Lina links to a news article which says that journalists from five Arab countries are to launch a media watchdog group in reaction to what they call increased restrictions on press workers in the region. According to the article, 20 reporters from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco and...

Libya: Dangerous Eyeliners

  14 May 2007

“Most Libyan women don't feel complete unless their eyes are lined in dark black kohl. It makes them look beautiful and exotic – their dark eyes shining and the whites of their eyes appearing even more so with the effect of the kohl. But these products are really dangerous! Most...

Libya: Call for Virtual Museums

  14 May 2007

Libyan blogger Lamusediffuse makes an SOS on behalf of Libyan museums here. “Although Libya has fantastic museums, they are suffering from a pitiful lack of online visibility. This is something we want to palliate by using the possibilities of Web 2.0 tools and social collaboration,” writes the blogger.

The Tunisphere Reaches Out to the Maghreb

  10 May 2007

Tunisian blogger Big Trap Boy writes about the importance of integrating the Maghreb Union which is made up of North African countries and its benefits to all the population in the region. He even appeals to Tunisian bloggers and others from Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Libya to make June 1 a blogging day to promote the Maghreb Union, reports Samsoum.

Egypt: Blogger Summoned for Criticising Gaddafi

  7 May 2007

Libyan-Egyptian relations took a new turn over the weekend, with an Egyptian blogger summoned for questioning after writing an article criticising Colonel Muammer Gaddafi. “Eman found herself requested to go to the National State security building in Alexandria for an investigation in the charge of attacking another president by the...

Libya: Why No $100 Laptops?

  3 May 2007

Libyan blogger Khadija Teri laments the end of a dream to bring affordable $100 laptops to classrooms in her country. “It was supposed to be happening this year in Libya too but it didn't … what happened??? We were looking forward to it… promises, promises… sigh…” she writes.

Algeria: The Great Libyan Shia Plan

  3 May 2007

Qaddafi called recently for the creation of a neo-Fatimid empire in North Africa that would be “Arab and Shiite”, for “North Africa is Arab and Shi'ite,” reports Algerian blogger Nouri. “Obviously the Fatimids were of Arab origin, and not Iranian; the Iranians came to Shiism far later than did the...