· April, 2007

Stories about Libya from April, 2007

Egypt: Inheriting Presidencies?

  17 April 2007

Following the success of former Syrian president Hafez Al Assad of handing down power to his son Bashar, who now rules Syria, Egyptian blogger Zeinobia argues that the inheritance of presidencies is contagious in the Arab region and is spreading across Egypt, Libya and even Yemen.

Touring Libyan Blogs: Bloggers on Spring Break!

  16 April 2007

I am not sure, but I have the general feeling that the Libyan blogosphere has been a little quiet lately, except for the usual couple of blogs who regularly update. Maybe it is because of academic exams ? Or perhaps it's spring and people are tired ? Anyway the topics...

Iran: Lost in Libya

  6 April 2007

Iranian blogger The Adventures of Mr. Behi tells us how he navigated his way home in the Libyan desert by using the moon.