· March, 2007

Stories about Libya from March, 2007

Libya: End of a Blog

  29 March 2007

Libyan blogger A.Adam announced that he would celebrate his blog's third anniversary by marking its ‘end.’

Bulgaria, Libya: Tripoli Six in the Economist

  22 March 2007

The Economist's Edward Lucas reposts his piece on the “Tripoli Six”: “Bulgaria has tried hard to make the scandal an international issue, and has also raised money to help the AIDS-infected children. But Libya appears to want to do a deal, involving freedom for the Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi,...

Arabisc: A Mysterious Bug Gnawing at Middle Eastern Bloggers

  21 March 2007

Something is amiss on the Middle Eastern blogging scene .. and computers and modern technology are to blame. In addition to trouble with the law in their countries, which are closing in on freedom of speech and expression as I write this, bloggers have another demon to confront. Egypt‘s outspoken...

Libya: The Adventures of Mr Behi

  16 March 2007

Iranian blogger Mr Behi has moved to Tripoli, Libya, and tells us about life without his life, a computer on life-support and the importance of credit and debit cards. “I received my first salary in Tripoli but the money is in the bank, my debit card is in my hand...

Touring Libyan Blogs : Bring a Chaperone or Go Back Home

  12 March 2007

Libyan bloggers have been quite prolific on many topics this past week, however what easily dominated their minds this time was the ‘invisible’ law regulating the Libyan females under the age of 40 from travelling abroad. No one seems to have a concrete idea why it is being put on...

Palestine: Film on Benghazi Aids Epidemic

  5 March 2007

Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah links to a video highlighting the plight of a Palestinian doctor and a group of Bulgarian nurses accused of inflicting more than 400 children with the deadly Aids virus in Ben Ghazi, Libya, here. “Injection is the real-life story of six health care workers falsely accused...

Libya: 30 Years of Gaddafi

  2 March 2007

Libya marks its 30th birthday as a Jamaheriya under the reign of Colonel Muammar Al Gaddafi today and this is what Issandr El Amrani has to say about the anniversary in The Arabist.