· March, 2006

Stories about Libya from March, 2006

Arabisc: Cultural and Art Week

  3 March 2006

The following is an abbreviated translation from some of the Arabic-language blogsphere. This week, johacom was happy to find some cartoons by Arab cartoonist that depict some Official Arab Leaders. He says: قليلة جدّا هي الرسوم الكاريكاتورية التي تتناول القادة العرب، وهذا رسم وجده جُحَا.كُمْْ بين خيوط الشبكة العنكبوتية العربية...

Libya: Arab-Americans and intercultural relationships

  2 March 2006

The Highlander likes to share a secret with you. She had always been reluctant to marry a Libyan American or Libyan Canadian because she was not sure she would be safe as unfortunately she did not think they were capable of taking care of themselves let alone of their women...