· July, 2007

Stories about Lebanon from July, 2007

Surviving Lebanon

  9 July 2007

Survival in Lebanon entails working two to three jobs, explains MMMMM here.

Lebanon: Muslim Women Activists are the Answer

  4 July 2007

Lebanese blogger Sophia “wonders if women's activism within Islam couldn't be, after all, the right remedy to the economic, political and social pressures exerted on Muslims and Muslim societies by the West and by their own rulers and their extremists.”

Arabeyes: The Release of Alan Johnston

  4 July 2007

The release of kidnapped British journalist Alan Johnston is making waves on blogs today. Here's a quick review of what is being said on blogs in the Middle East. Vigil in Brussels to mark the fifth week of BBC reporter Alan Johnston's kidnapping in Gaza. Photo by quarsan. Qatar: From...